Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year greetings and good news

The year 2008 is fast coming to a close and we will be ushering in the New Year 2009.

So I take the opportunity to bring you some New Year good news and goodies. I hope the New Year brings you good luck, good health and abundant blessings.

Of late, several people have come out with their free versions of Clickbank portals. Established Clickbank portals like CBmall or 1stpromotion were the original front runners and were well sought after, but they came with a hefty price of $47 to $197.

The good news is that for a limited time, Jeff Mulligan is offering his famous CBmall for free, as a maketing test.

So the well-proven CBmall has joined the ranks of CBProAds, CBTopSites, CBGlobe and CBTop in giving away free Clickbank portals, with varying degrees of differences between them.

Personally, I have chosen to join CBmall and CBGlobe as the premier free portals with plenty of benefits. In fact, CBmall has been proven for the last 3 or 4 years with Jeff Mulligan touting its 15 profitable streams of income. It's a proven winner.

You can join CBmall for free by clicking here. Click!

And you can join CBGlobe for free by clicking here. Click!

Yes, at the moment they are free to join. So, why wait? Grab your share and start making money online.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get your free Clickbank portal now

A week or so ago I told you how you can get a free Clickbank
==> http://cbglobe.com/cgi-bin/vp/redir.cgi?id=daleng&r=http://cbglobe.com/signup.shtml

I just realized that he is giving away the pro features
of Cb Globe even to the free members!

In other words, you are getting access to plugins like
Adsense-like ads, Clickbank search with over 10,000
products embedded with your id, that you can use
on your own sites... and unlimited trackers, url
rotators, banner manager and more... without having
to upgrade!

I urge you to go get a free account, before he comes
to his senses and starts charging for the upgrade:

Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Free Valuable Clickbank Portal for You

You'll love me for what I'm gonna give you today.

Stelios has created a service that's similar, but in my
opinion, more powerful than other Clickbank portals.

Clickbank portals like Cbmall or 1stpromotion are cool
but they come with a hefty price ($47 to $97).

CbGlobe will cost you zip, nada, zilch!

On top of that it comes with cool plugins that other
Clickbank portals, that cost money, do not have.

The portal will have your Clickbank ID on over 10,000
Clickbank products.

In addition, it will have lots of 2tier affiliate
programs with your id, and this way you will be building
your downlines and earning from your 2tier as well.

You can get it here:
==> http://cbglobe.com/cgi-bin/vp/redir.cgi?id=daleng&r=http://cbglobe.com/signup.shtml

Here's a quick recap of its features:

- admin area to update your affiliate ids in seconds
- ad tracking (track all your ads)
- url rotator (split test different ad campaigns)
- banner manager (rotate various banners on all your sites
by simply pasting a few lines of code once)
- Clickbank Portal plugin (to place on other websites you own
and sell more than 10,000 digital products and services,
which are embedded with your Clickbank affiliate ID, earning
you up to 75% commissions per sale.)
- Adsense-like ads (you choose what they are about, and whether
you want a banner or a tower, and how they look, so they can
blend in with your own content)
- Website Referral system to multiply your traffic for free!
- Viral articles with your affiliate ids embedded
- Downline statistics
- much much more...

Here's where you can see all the features, and grab your
own free Clickbank portal:

P.S There's a ton of features in Cb Globe. You don't have to
use them all at once. Just fill in your affiliate Ids by logging
into your admin panel, and in no time you'll take advantage of
all its features:

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Develop your Wit and Humor

How would YOU like to be the LIFE and SOUL of ANY social gathering?

Let's be honest. We all LOVE those individuals that make us LAUGH.

The funnier you are, the more people like you.

Well, how funny are YOU?

What if you could suddenly become EVEN FUNNIER, just by following a few simple rules?

Master wit Max Matterson has worked in the comedy world for the past 20 years. He's the co-author of "Comedy Writing Secrets" and trained many of the big late night show hosts.

He knows EXACTLY how to train ANYONE to become super-witty in just minutes. Matterson claims there are just a series of simple rules that ANYONE can follow to become hilariously funny!

Do YOU want to discover his COMEDY SECRETS?

Visit his website online and learn more: http://www.how-to-be-funny.com/?afl=48886

Max shares EVERYTHING with you -- and GUARANTEES that your new-found funny skills will ROCKET your business and social life. In fact he'll buy back the course if you're not absolutely THRILLED!

When was the last time you invested even FIVE MINUTES in developing your social skills? Especially in something as important as your HUMOR?

Do it now. Click HERE and get started: http://www.how-to-be-funny.com/?afl=48886

Thanks for your time!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Absolute Secret

Last month, I stumbled across a secret.

It’s a secret that almost every great achiever in the world knows. It’s a little-known technique that’ll enable you to experience success, happiness, WEALTH, and amazing coincidences beyond your wildest dreams.

And that very secret was the subject of numerous books in the early 1900’s, particularly a special long-lost 1926 book. It’s a book that Bill Gates himself studied as a student.

It’s NOT a book about positive thinking, or self-hypnosis, or affirmations, or anything of that sort. This is an actual GENUINE secret, a physical tangible secret that YOU can use to make amazing change in your life – starting today!

This long-lost 1926 book has recently resurfaced in a dusty Scottish attic, and – for the first time ever – is being made available in a special compilation from self-development guru Bradley Thompson.

He calls it The Absolute Secret.

So, exactly what is The Absolute Secret? And how can you use it’s secret powers to make awesome change in your own personal life – starting TODAY?

Let him show you.

Visit the site at http://www.theabsolutesecret.com/?afl=48886 to learn more.

Thanks for your time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Try The Most Powerful Self-Development
Technology On Earth -- Absolutely FREE!

Imagine if you could think faster, sharper, and more astutely... If you had limitless energy and motivation to achieve anything you wanted... If you could tap into unlimited "creative rushes" and envisage easy answers to otherwise complex solutions... If you were immune to stress and tension...
How much better and happier would your life become?
You have to click on this link here now...


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Promises you think FASTER & SHARPER

It promises to help you think FASTER and SHARPER.

It says it can grant you LIMITLESS ENERGY, help you to think like a GENIUS, and enable you to RELEASE all stresses and tension.

I'm talking, naturally, about the latest self-development tool to hit the shelves.

It's called the Brain Evolution System - a six-level meditation program that uses special sounds to help influence brainwaves.

Now, in the self-development world, everybody knows that meditation is GOOD. It can bring a million untold benefits. And yet how many of us truly have time to quieten our minds for hours on end each day?

Well, that's where the Brain Evolution System comes in. The Brain Evolution System - or BrainEv, for short - uses something known as "brainwave entrainment" to help skip years of unnecessary meditation.

It uses specially manipulated sounds to help influence brainwaves, putting the mind into a deep state of meditation within minutes of listening - removing the need for countless hours of mind-quietening, Zen-monk-like practice.

But we've heard all of this before - with programs such as Holosync and Hemi-Sync. What sets BrainEv apart from it's competitors, claim the developers, is it's patent-pending 3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process. This means BrainEv uses three different entrainment methods at the same time - stopping the brain getting too accustomed to one particular pattern, and more closely-matching how brainwaves really work.

Sounds impressive... But does the Brain Evolution System really live up to its claims?

Well, to put it to the test - I decided to try it myself for two whole months! To begin, I ordered the entire package from the official website at http://www.gobrainev.com/?a=daleng

Now, before even using the program, I was impressed at the integrity of the company. I was immediately given a free 21-day trial of level one, with an option to cancel before I was billed a single cent.

So, I tried it out. The first level can only be described as a true soundscape. With it's natural, "distant" etheric feel, you could tell a million things were going on in the background - yet couldn't help but just relax and let them float by.

Now, I've listened to a lot of relaxation music - so I'm used to trickling waterfalls and singing bowls. But this audio was genuinely POWERFUL. You could feel it working, influencing your brainwaves, and helping you to relax further.

It's recommended you listen to each 30-minute level once per day, six days a week, for a whole month. Then you move onto the next level - finishing all six levels within six months.

Well, after my first listening session, I instantly felt more relaxed. My head was less "foggy" - and I enjoyed a focus and clarity I'd not experienced in quite some time. It's hard to explain, however I had a smile on my face - and didn't really know why!

I continued throughout the first month - and saw a truly noticeable difference in my behavior. I became more and more relaxed and calm. My brain seemed to operate faster, and I became more quick-witted. My confidence continued to improve, without any real effort.

Then, near the end of the first month, the full CD package landed at my door.

This was a professionally-packaged six-CD set, with a user guide, and a free two month supply of the mind-sharpening Acuity supplement - specially designed to help "fuel" the mind when using BrainEv.

During the second month, I worked with level two. And I can honestly say that - again - I began noticing real differences.

Now, I'm not a person that enjoys writing positive reviews. It's much easier to slander than praise. But once again, the Brain Evolution System made a very definite, positive impact.

Colleagues commented on my permanent state of happiness. I felt much more relaxed, even during the most stressed-out periods of my day. My thinking speed DEFINITELY increased - and the tablets helped boost my focus even further. Creative spurts increased. My reading speed rocketed. I found myself coming up with more elegant solutions to problems. I also found myself soaking up information more rapidly than before.

And another thing: I began waking up after just five hours of sleep. This simple meditation program was reducing my usual EIGHT HOURS down to just five - thanks to 30 minutes of listening, six times a week.

So, does the Brain Evolution System work?

During my two-month trial, it genuinely delivered an impressive set of results - all exactly as promised.

It helped SHARPEN my mind, REDUCE my stress levels, and INCREASE my energy.

Yes, I've tried meditation programs and brainwave CDs before, but never with the powerful results that the Brain Evolution System provided.

The developers claim that's down to the fact that it utilizes a "3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process" to influence brainwaves. They provide a series of fancy graphics and video features to explain it all in greater detail. They even provide online support videos for each progressive level.

I'm not entirely sure what all of that really means. But what I do know is that the Brain Evolution System helped clear the foggy mind of a usually critical reviewer. And - at least for me - that's worth the price-tag a hundred times over. (Oh, and yes - you can be sure I'll continue using this package right through to level six!)

BrainEv Pros: Powerful results, professional package, round-the-clock support.

BrainEv Cons: Still requires 30 minutes of your time, 6 days a week.

Verdict: BUY IT, without hesitation!

Official Website: http://www.gobrainev.com/?a=daleng

Countdown Clocks

Friday, October 31, 2008


Can YOU imagine a simple self-development tool...

... That can help you THINK FASTER and SHARPER than EVER BEFORE?

DOUBLE your ability to learn. THINK like a genius. RELEASE stress. BREEZE through your studies. UNLOCK hidden ability. SOLVE problems quickly.

Well, it's ALL POSSIBLE - when you discover the Brain Evolution System.

The Brain Evolution System is a simple, six-CD program for helping you MASTER your BRAIN - by literally CHANGING your BRAINWAVES.

It works by using special sounds to help influence your brainwaves - which helps to change your mood, your focus, your stress levels, your confidence - and MUCH MORE!

You'll find yourself enjoying LIMITLESS ENERGY and MOTIVATION. Your emotional baggage will simply DISAPPEAR. Your relationships will IMPROVE. Your confidence will SOAR. You'll experience more CREATIVE RUSHES. You'll become IMMUNE to worries and tension.

And all because you spend JUST 30 MINUTES listening to a simple audio recording.

Would you like to learn more about what's being called "the most powerful self-development technology on earth" ... ?

Then click on THIS LINK and download YOUR copy 
for JUST $0.00 ... TODAY!


Click on that link NOW. You won't regret it - that's MY GUARANTEE!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yes, What's Your Barrier?

What is the #1 barrier preventing you from finally being able to make
serious money on the Internet?

Why am I asking?

Because I am pretty sure I can get help for you climb over that barrier...
for FREE!

Even if you are a complete beginner with limited or no success online to
date, you really need to pay close attention to what I am about to
tell you...

I just heard that Derek Gehl, one of the foremost Internet marketing
authorities on the planet, is about to give away a TON of free training...

For the next day or so, he is running a live survey where he wants
everyone to share the #1 obstacle that is preventing you from making
the kind of money you want on the Internet.

He is then going to compile that data and help as many people as
possible overcome their barriers to success with a TON of FREE

That said, in order to keep this manageable he has to limit the number
of submissions so if you want to get in on the action, hurry up
and go to...


Oh, and one more thing... Derek mentioned something about a FREE GIFT
just for sharing your #1 barrier to success on the Internet.

It is not often in life you get access to this kind of expertise
for free so take action now!

All the best...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Internet Success Case Study

Would earning an extra $900 a month make a BIG difference in
your life?

Sure, it'd be great, but it probably wouldn't have a huge impact
on your mortgage, retirement savings, orthodontist bills, kids'
college fund, or the piles of bills that are cluttering up your
desk, right?

But what if you could earn that $900 a month by working just
5-8 hours?

And what if, by using the same strategies you used to make
that first $900, you could quickly start to DOUBLE it... and
double it again... and again...

... until you're making potentially thousands a month. Does
*that* change the picture?

I was just reading a case study on Derek Gehl's website about
a 15-year-old girl who's actually doing this: making $900 a
month on the Internet while working no more than 8 hours.


She obviously has NO business training or experience, and at
just 15, she's clearly pretty short on "life" experience, too,
but still, she's given up babysitting for good, thanks to the
success she's having with her website.

And while she's not exactly getting wealthy (yet!), she's
using the exact SAME strategies that hundreds of other
successful Internet entrepreneurs have used to make MUCH more
(sometimes millions of dollars) with their own Internet

I really recommend you check out her case study on Derek's

In it, he actually walks you through the exact, step-by-step
system she, and thousands of his other clients, are using to
achieve these remarkable results with their Internet businesses.

To read the case study, just follow this link:



P.S. When you read the case study, Derek will give you permission
to use the profit generating strategies it reveals yourself for
30 days, to see if they'll work for YOU, too...

... so make sure you check it out right away!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$197.00 Gift For You

I have gotten to know Edmund Loh and today he's offering you lifetime Gold membership access to his new site, ResellRightsMastery.com, which costs $197.00 - for FREE!

Edmund is an active Private Label product creator and regularly sources for *strictly* quality Resell Rights products on the net - and you get to benefit from his work in addition to building your online business on steroids!

You can gain privileged access to RRM here:

Bonus Lifetime Gold Access to Resell Rights Mastery ($197 Value)

Enjoy your gift!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your FREE Ebay video course

You could be making literally thousands of dollars a year online WITHOUT even getting your own website... and you can learn how to do it for FREE!

Let me explain...

Derek Gehl and his in-house team of experts have been spending the past few MONTHS analyzing all of the latest developments and changes at eBay, the world's biggest online marketplace...

... and they've applied what they've learned to create a simple, three-step system you can follow to rake in a healthy chunk of the $60 BILLION that exchanges hands on eBay every YEAR!

And the best part?

Derek's laid out the entire profitable system in a set of training videos that you can watch RIGHT NOW for FREE!

First, he's going to reveal the number one mistake that nearly EVERY new "eBayer" makes when they're getting started (it's a BIGGIE, and it can stop you COLD from ever making a PENNY)!

After that, he'll explain his secret three-step formula for evaluating ANY item to determine if it'll be a HOT seller... teach you how to find hungry markets that are BEGGING to buy what you're selling...

... and wrap up this three-video series by looking at what's new and different at eBay, and explaining EXACTLY how to take advantage of the recent changes to start profiting RIGHT AWAY (while everyone else is scrambling to get up-to-speed)!

This system is FULL of secret strategies that virtually NOBODY else knows about!

It's also been tested and proven by his own elite group of eBay mentors, so you KNOW it's gonna work for you, too.

So if you want to learn how to start making SERIOUS money online in the fastest time possible, without having to create your own website (or if you'd like to add an additional stream of income to an existing website), I highly recommend Derek's three FREE eBay training videos!

Start watching them RIGHT AWAY by following this link: http://www.auctiontips.com/ebay_videos/free-system/t/878146

P.S. The sooner you watch these FREE eBay videos, the sooner you'll be able to swoop in and start making HUGE profits while your competitors are still struggling to learn about all the changes!


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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome challenges Internet Explorer in new Browser War

A brand new web browser from Google, called Chrome, came yesterday (Tuesday 2nd Sept) as a formidable competitor to IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Anyone who has lingering thoughts that the browser wars are over will be shocked by this new open-source software project called Google Chrome.

Although the war is less fierce than in the 1990s, the fact that it involves one of technology's most powerful companies makes the browser war something worthwhile to watch.

At the moment, figures show the market shares of the browsers are: IE 72%, Firefox 20%, Safari 6% and Opera 1%.

Firefox has been nibbling at IE's share for a long time, but IE remains unshakable. However, Google Chrome has several revolutionary new features that can enable it to eat into the market share of IE.

Nevertheless, it is expected that IE8 will pose a formidable defense from Chrome. It is Firefox that stands to lose most from Chrome. Firefox is the alternative to IE for those who do not love Microsoft, and now another alternative appears.

However, Google Chrome is open-source and they welcome pinching of technology from them by IE and Firefox to make the Internet a better place for all users. Well, they have a vested interest. They will prosper as the Internet prospers. Well and good.

You can download Google Chrome here.

I have downloaded it and I'm already using it now as an alternative browser. I find that it has almost all of the features of Firefox, and more.

Since I've just bought a mini 8.9inch Wind MSi notebook, one feature I look for is the zooming which is available in Firefox. It is also available in Chrome, making it very useful when using the 8.9inch screen.

All in all, I think Google Chrome is extremely feature laden and a very fast browser. Recommended.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quality Software Giveaway For You

“Here’s How YOU Can Download Over $3,920 in FREE Windows Power User Software & Privacy Utilities – Just By Joining Trent Steele's Wildly Successful Newsletter, TODAY!

He'd like to GIVE YOU a SHOCKING $3,920 in POWERFUL software tools...

... Absolutely FREE of CHARGE!

That’s right. There’s NO catch, NO small-print, NO subscription charges.

Just $3,920 in awesome software and privacy tools that you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

Programs that will PERSONALIZE your PC experience... PROTECT your online privacy... UNLEASH your creativity... Programs that will help you COMMUNICATE better... And save you TIME and MONEY!

Like the TINY little program for sending VOICEMAIL MESSAGES, instead of e-mail.

How smart is that?

Or the program that automatically erases your Internet history when you close your browser. Or the program that lets you remote control your home PC, wherever you are in the world. Or the powerful new package that can replace the ENTIRE Microsoft Office suite.

Are YOU ready to enjoy MORE FREEBIES like THESE?

That is the call of Trent Steele, site manager behind Software Street, Privacy Central, and many of the other large software sites at the WCCL Network. Every day, their network of sites attracts over 250,000 visitors. For the $3,920 in software free of charge, all you've to do is to join Steele's newsletter. Check it out at:


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr Bean's tips on elementary courtship

Embedded Video

Learn right manners in dating from Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean) as he guides you through the basics in dating in this video. View it. You will find it absolutely hilarious, but you can still learn a lot from it, although it is put in such comical ways. He has plenty of tips on how you should behave in a disco, or how to taste wine in a restaurant when you're out with your date. Rowan Atkinson is not called a comedy genius for nothing! You gotta view it, now.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change anything in your life

Can you imagine changing absolutely ANYTHING in your life...

... In just SIXTY MINUTES?

That's what happened with my neighborhood friend, Emily.

She was an overweight smoker with lungs full of tar. She completely lacked in confidence around men, and would consistently burn-out while trying to prove herself as a fresh-faced attorney.

Until, that is, as a last ditch attempt, she took my recommendation and looked into the world of subliminal CDs.

Emily bought a few CDs, on my recommendation. She played the relaxing CDs as she fell asleep each night. She also put the sixty-minute CDs on loop for maximum effect.

Now, two weeks later --- and the change is unbelievable.

It's a total 360. I've never seen her so confident. She's suddenly the least stressed-out person I know. She's just started dating, and she ditched the nicotine habit after JUST 24 HOURS -- without trying, and without problematic "pangs" or "urges."

She's NOT a "miracle case" or an exception.

And after speaking with her this morning, I feel so inspired, that I've decided to write to share the official Subliminal CDs website with you too.

Here it is: http://www.subliminal-cds.com/?afl=48886

Feel free to try it out for yourself. They offer a total money-back guarantee too -- but I'll bet my reputation that you don't need to use it.

Enjoy. I know you'll be amazed.

Best wishes.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Increase Your Reading Speed

As a blogger, you will realize a need to read faster since you want to read as many relevant blogs and web pages as possible. And, you've to go through tons of e-mails.

What if you could TRIPLE your reading speed in under 60 minutes?

That was the question Dr Michael Masterman asked me to consider -- when he sent me a review copy of his new speed reading audio course three months ago. And you won't be surprised to hear that I didn't believe it!

Now, I've always avoided learning how to speed read.

Why? Because I always believed it'd take hours of training to really "work properly." And I'd heard a couple of horror stories too. (One very well-known six-CD course essentially suggests listening to fast music while reading. Now that's incredibly draining - and not exactly suited to a slow-paced romance!)

Michael promised I would literally triple my reading speed in well under an hour (without fast music or other gimmicks!) -- and said that his audio course included tests to prove it. He also said I'd be able to maintain that super-fast reading speed, even weeks later.

I took the course. It worked. And I'm STILL reading at lightening speeds!

That's exactly why I wanted to write and tell you about Michael's "Speed Reading Secret" course today!

But don't listen to me chat about it. If you want to blast through e-mail messages, blogs,web pages, books or reports (and pick up an amazing new vocabulary along the way), then check out his site:


The course includes tests, so you can literally see just how well you've improved. And if you don't improve enough, claim your money back through his guarantee!

Michael predicts the average person could save one day a week following his advice. I think he's probably right.


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Sunday, July 27, 2008

If Only I Can Sleep Soundly

If you sleep like a baby all night, every night then I’m sorry, this message is NOT for you!

But if, like me you have ever suffered from insomnia or any other form of sleep deprivation, then I know what you’d give for a good night’s sleep…

** Just about anything, right? **

The endless hours staring at your bedroom ceiling … the thoughts and worries that play full volume in your head and just won’t leave you alone … shuffling aimlessly around the house waiting for sleep to come … trying to cope the next day when everyone else is wide awake and refreshed …

Only to return to bed, exhausted, and STILL not get a good night’s sleep.

Chronic insomnia or persistent sleep deprivation really is a waking nightmare. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

I’ve had a bad time trying various ‘cures’.

Nothing ever worked.

Until I heard of self-help author and guru Bradley Thompson and found out that he too used to suffer from insomnia.

What’s more, he claimed to have found a cure and to be sleeping the sleep of the just ever since. And he found it by accident!

He talked about his remarkable discovery. This cure is based on a radical new use of a fairly old technology, discovered by a German research scientist way back in 1839. I must admit, if it hadn’t been for his credentials, I would have thought the guy was NUTS for thinking that this could apply to insomnia.

“Yeah, right!” I thought.

Still, I agreed to try it. Like I said, I would have tried anything.

You know what? IT WORKED! And, much to my delight and surprise it has WORKED EVERY NIGHT EVER SINCE!

If you’re a sufferer, you should be dancing on the table right now, because THIS IS THE REAL DEAL – a permanent cure for your sleepless nights. .

It is 100% safe, 100% effective, does not involve taking drugs and – this is the bit I like! – requires absolutely *NO* effort on your behalf at all.

I’ve got my life back! I’d love to think I can help someone else get theirs back too. Check out Bradley’s site here:


Sweet dreams and wake up refreshed for your blogging!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here's help, during a slowing economy

Have last week's developments with the US economy got you
feeling spooked?

I don't blame you! What with the country's second-largest
bank collapse PLUS a government bailout of Fannie Mae AND
Freddie Mac happening in the same WEEK, it's hard to
know what to expect next!

If you're like the other small business owners I know,
I'm willing to bet that, right this minute, you're on the
fence about whether you should continue to invest in
the tools and help you need to start your Internet
business... or whether it's better to save your cash
until things stabilize a bit.

And that's actually why I'm firing off this hasty post...

... because I've just learned about a way you can do
BOTH, as long as you act right away!

A few months ago, Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl
unleashed a powerful business-building system that
gives you all the tools and assistance you need to
start a completely automated, hands-free Internet
business from SCRATCH, including the website, a
salesletter, an online payment system, endless streams
of traffic, and help getting it all set up.

He named it "BeBiz," and since its release, it's gone
on to become the most simple yet comprehensive way for
"newbies" to go from zero to online profits in as
short a time span as possible (often in as little as
5 days!).

Well, just moments ago, Derek informed me and a few
of his other close associates that, in order to give
as many people as possible a leg up during this
volatile economy, he's going to WAIVE the entire
$177 BeBiz start-up fee for new members!

Unfortunately, there's a catch...

Due to the amount of money he could potentially lose
with this offer, he can only make it available to the
next 200 people who get in touch with him...

... so I urge you to follow this link contact him right


Trust me: you do NOT want to let this opportunity pass
you by!

Where ELSE will you get a professional-looking sales
website that could have you earning profits by this
time next month (along with an Internet marketing genius
looking over your shoulder and guiding you as you
set it up)?

Best wishes for your business.

P.S. During the initial BeBiz launch, Derek made 250
spots available, and they were all snapped up in mere
hours -- and that was WITH the regular $177 start-up
fee -- so you can just imagine how fast these 200 spots
with NO start-up fees are going to go.

Don't miss out:

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Food for thought

A very meaningful video:

Embedded Video

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Effective Solution to Online Work Stress

Dear bloggers and Internet marketers. What is an effective solution to chronic work stress experienced in the online world? And that improves the quality of your life as well?

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation.

Anyone remotely interested in self-development knows they should do it.

But few people actually dedicate the YEARS of STRICT PRACTICE required to truly see the awesome, life-changing benefits.

People just can't be bothered.

EVEN when the advantages of meditating for hours each day are WELL-KNOWN and TRULY PROFOUND....

Years of meditation can provide dazzling spiritual insights. It helps turbo-charge your IQ. It puts you on a permanent, all-natural life high. It dissolves all of your unwanted emotional baggage, leaving you feeling totally free.

It's SO MAGICAL - you really have to EXPERIENCE IT to BELIEVE IT.

But who has THAT much time on their hands?

Well, scientists have recently discovered a new way of meditating DEEPER than a ZEN MONK -- just by listening to a CD containing "binaural beats."

The results have been nothing short of AMAZING.

Can you IMAGINE simply listening to a CD -- and INSTANTLY gaining the benefits that spiritual leaders spend a LIFETIME trying to achieve?

You can.

The research has just been published as "The Meditation Program" and you can learn more, and even download your own audio version RIGHT NOW, by visiting the official site:


Click on the link above NOW. I highly recommend the entire program.

This is one of the few things that genuinely WILL change your life. And it's proven by science, too. Try it -- and see for yourself.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Uncover the Lost Tibetan Secret of Eternal Youth

Here's an interesting message for many bloggers who are retirees, pensioners and senior citizens.

Can you imagine looking THIRTY YEARS YOUNGER...

... In just TEN WEEKS from now?

It sounds hard to believe.

But that's precisely what can happen to YOU - when you begin to follow a long-lost series of FIVE SECRET RITUALS every day.

The "Five Rituals" are a series of simple, yet precise body movements. They were discovered back in the 1930's - inside a remote Tibetan monastery, high up in the Himalayas.

They were brought back to the West by a retired British army colonel - who began workshops, helping people to look THIRTY years younger, in just TEN short weeks.

But that was then.

Today, the Five Rituals are almost forgotten.

Only a handful of individuals know about the Five Rituals -- and use them daily to keep their eternal youth. Individuals such as actor Martin Sheen, author John Gray, and self-development expert, Bradley Thompson.

So.... Would YOU like to discover how to look THIRTY years younger, in just TEN minutes a day?

Discover the secret behind the Five Rituals and learn how.

Click on this link to discover more at the official site:


Highly recommended!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What are your qualifications?

Are you *qualified* to start an Internet business?

If you're like most people, you probably measure your qualifications
by your technical skills...

Your ability to design a web site...

Your ability to write sales copy...

Your ability to drive traffic...

But the reality is, NONE of that matters.

Building a business is a FORMULA. If you can understand instructions
and follow the formula, you WILL make money online.

So if it's that simple, why do SO MANY people fail at it?


See, there are certain personality traits -- inherent in some, but
LEARNED by others -- that allow people to easily succeed, and
other traits that cause people to constantly FAIL.

If you could identify those traits, wouldn't you have a better
chance at being successful?

Well, here's your opportunity to find out...

... because I've been authorized by none other than Derek Gehl
*himself* to offer you a FREE copy of his brand-new report,
which lays out the exact traits necessary to succeed online.

The report is available now and is based on Derek's personal
observations following a DECADE of working with thousands
of successful Internet entrepreneurs from around the world.


And like I said: he's allowing me to offer a copy to all of my
readers for free... no strings attached.

When you get it, you can do one of two things:

1. Nothing... which is definitely an "unsuccessful trait".

2. Study it and figure out if you have the inherent prerequisites
for success, or if you need to LEARN them.

So if you would like a copy of this report, for FREE, go to:


... and follow the instructions there!

All the best.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How To Have Your Own Mini Site Empire

I've got something really exciting to share with you
today. I'm going to show you how you can create a mini
site empire in a matter of DAYS.

It's easy once you have the 'secret weapon' I'll show
you in this post (and by the way... it's free).

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead and take a
look at this web page to see what I'm talking
about here.

http://www.minisiteprofitsexposed.com/?thankyou-page=11518 --- Takes 30 seconds

There's a lot of talk online about how important it
is to set up mini sites in order to create automated
income streams on the Internet. These are small, 1 or
2 page websites that make you money even while you
are sleeping, and they're VERY simple to create (once
you know how).

The problem, however, is that even after you learn
HOW to create a killer mini site, you still have to
figure out how to actually make money with it. And
that's what this post is all about.

My friend Michael Rasmussen has just created an
incredible set of FREE videos called 'Mini Site
Profits Exposed'. As soon as I finished watching them,
I knew I had to tell you about them FAST!

These videos (which are available to watch instantly
right on the web) will walk you through how to create
a killer mini site from the ground up. Michael leaves
nothing out.

The second half of the course shows you how to start
making money with your mini site. These videos will
give you the most complete education you could ever
need for building your own mini site empire.

Want to check them out right now? Just click this

http://www.minisiteprofitsexposed.com/?thankyou-page=11518 --- Click that, please


That's a fair question, and to be honest... I was
wondering the same thing myself. Michael explained to
me that he's in this for the long haul. Marketing
online is his full time business, and he wants to
develop a trusting relationship with his readers.

He figures that the best way to prove himself to you
is to GIVE you one of his best products. That
way, you'll be happy to do business with him in the

To be honest, I wish all marketers had that same
philosophy. Most people try to figure out ways to take
money from their prospects. Michael is one of the rare
few who believes in giving lots of value up front
BEFORE he ever asks you to spend any money with him.

Don't let the fact that these videos are free fool
you. There is more valuable information, and a higher
production quality than most $300 products. But don't
just take my word for it. Here's the URL, so you can
check the videos out yourself:

http://www.minisiteprofitsexposed.com/?thankyou-page=11518 --- Takes 30 seconds


Take a minute, and ask yourself this question. "Where
do I want to be six months from now?"

If your dream is to have multiple streams of automated
income over the Internet, then this course can show
you how to ACTUALLY make that happen (unlike most
courses, which make empty promises that they can't
deliver on).

If you're ready to start making some real money online
with your own mini site empire, then go ahead and
check out Michael's incredible new video course: Mini
Site Profits Exposed.

Here's the URL one last time:

http://www.minisiteprofitsexposed.com/?thankyou-page=11518 --- Click that, please

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Monday, June 16, 2008

What's up at Internet Marketing Center?

This morning I got a very interesting email from Derek
Gehl, talking about some project he is working on.

It was kind of cryptic and I am still scratching my head
trying to figure out what the heck he is up to...

But if I know him, we should pay close attention because
I am sure it will be profitable for all of us.

Anyway, rather than retype everything he wrote me, I
have just pasted it here...

Hey Dale,

Derek Gehl here... I hope all is well with you and your biz!

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you in on
an amazing project I am working on that has to be
one of the best training ideas I have ever come up with...

I've finally found a way for my team and me to work with
people who want to start their own Internet businesses
on a level I am surprised I've never thought of before...

A way for us to be right beside their computer...

In their own homes...

Teaching people how to build their own successful Internet
businesses from scratch!

I am still wrapping up the loose ends and I will not be completely
ready until late June but I got excited and wanted to tell some
key people about it now.

And Dale,
if you have anyone you want to
tell about this, you must do it now...

... because I can only allow 300 serious entrepreneurs to take
part. So please don't show this link to people who you think
will waste my time.

Anyway, I am not giving out too much info today but to give
you a hint, go to...


And if you want to know more, don't hesitate to call...

Derek Gehl, CEO
The Internet Marketing Center

So what was the first thing I did when I got this email?

Simple... I clicked on the link he gave me and signed up for
a sneak peek... even I don't want to miss out on what
he is working on!

So go to the link he gave us...


Follow his instructions and let's see what he is up to!

All the best...
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ever wished you'd a rotator for banner ads?

Are you making the most of your traffic exchange

To make the most of traffic exchange advertising,
it's important to use all of the tools available
to you -- including alternatives like banner and
text ads. But most people don't make the most of
traffic exchange banner advertising.

Why? Because banners are a pain in the neck to
manage. You have to set up your banners at every
traffic exchange you use, assign credits to your
campaigns, and then, just when you think you're
finished... you start using a new banner or
promoting a new program and you have to do it all
over again!

Well, I've got some great news for you!
Dan Smith and Kyle Hoskins just unveiled a new
service that makes managing banner ads a piece of

With their new program, Banner Keyring, you can
put all of your banners on a single rotator --
that's right, a rotator for banner ads! -- and
get a single image URL and link URL to use in
all of your banner advertising campaigns. No more
logging in to ten traffic exchanges every time
you need to change a banner -- just log in at
Banner Keyring, change it once, and the new banner
starts rotating at every traffic exchange you use!

Check it out: http://www.bannerkeyring.com/?rid=619

There's more. Dan and Kyle weren't satisfied with
making banner advertising easy for you -- they
wanted to make it completely effortless. So they
included an advertising co-op in Banner Keyring.
You can purchase a co-op spot, and Dan and Kyle
will get your banners rotating in all of the top
traffic exchanges without you ever having to log
in to a single one!

Banner Keyring is totally free, so you have no
excuse not to go check it out right now. Just go
sign up now, and you can be managing all of your
banner advertising in one place within minutes!

Since Banner Keyring is brand new, there are all
sorts of ridiculous deals and great special offers
available inside the members' area -- but you
need to go sign up now, before they're gone!

Just go to: http://www.bannerkeyring.com/?rid=619

See you there!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

$197.00 Gift For You

I have gotten to know Edmund Loh and today he's offering you lifetime Gold membership access to his new site, ResellRightsMastery.com, which costs $197.00 - for FREE!

Edmund is an active Private Label product creator and regularly sources for *strictly* quality Resell Rights products on the net - and you get to benefit from his work in addition to building your online business on steroids!

You can gain privileged access to RRM here:

<Bonus Lifetime Gold Access to Resell Rights Mastery ($197 Value)>

You can gain instant access to:

* A rich collection of consistently adding Resell Rights items that you can resell and pocket all the sales,

* A generously proportioned archive of Private Label articles - you can compile your own E-Book or report, submit articles you can edit, or build content rich sites,

* Beautiful web templates you can use to design your own E-Covers, mini sites and other images,

* Advanced Reseller Strategies,

* Cool business-building downloads and resources,

* And much more!

Go here now to get your bonus lifetime Gold membership access now:
<Bonus Lifetime Gold Access to Resell Rights Mastery ($197 Value)>

Hope this helps you expand your Online Empire! :-)

Enjoy your gift!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three very interesting and useful links

  1. Your Internet Entrepreneur Club Link

    Could you use a team of Internet marketing experts that will eliminate 100% of the guesswork by walking you step-by-step through any Internet Business strategy? Get $1,000s Worth Of One-on-One Internet Marketing Advice -- see what they can do for you for the cost of a coffee!

    To lean more, visit: http://www.marketingtips.com/internetentrepreneurclub/t/878146

  2. Your Insider Course Link

    Learn step-by-step Internet marketing strategies THOUSANDS of regular people are already using to start and grow profitable Internet businesses.

    Click Here Now:

  3. Your BeBiz Link

    BeBiz is an easy-to-use business building system that guides you every step of the way as you create your own Internet business; from finding profitable markets to creating a winning salesletter to taking your first orders.

    Click Here Now:

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Beat the "R" word - with 3 free gifts

Has the "R" word got you down?

(I'm talking about the whispered rumours of "recession,"
of course.)

If you -- like so many others -- are pinching your
pennies in preparation for an economic downturn, then I've
got GREAT news...

... Right now, you can get 3 of the 'Net's hottest
e-business tools for beginners -- for FREE!

All you need to do is take a trial of Derek Gehl's
popular "Internet Entrepreneur Club" -- and he'll give you
three of his best-selling website building tools, 100% FREE.

And all you have to pay to take the trial is a measly $3.27!

(That's the price of a vanilla soy latte at Starbucks!)

So if you'd like to get your hands on the tools you need
to build a website that SELLS -- without draining your bank
account -- I urge you to check out Derek Gehl's latest offer:


It's a heck of a lot sweeter -- AND better for you -- than
that overpriced vanilla soy latte I was talking about!

All the best.

P.S. Derek's Club members enjoy HUGE perks! So not only will
you get your 3 free gifts, you'll also enjoy full member
privileges during your trial.

To find out more, visit:


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ClickBank re-opens to Malaysians

Many Malaysian Internet marketers are rejoicing over their good fortune in ClickBank re-opening its doors to Malaysians, just recently, after many years of exclusion.

Founded some ten years ago, ClickBank is the Internet's largest retailer of digital products. From ebooks to software, they offer a wide array of digitally delivered products.

ClickBank is the pioneer in selling digital products over the Internet with more than 100,000 affiliates worldwide. They pride themselves in providing a highly secure and fraud resistant environment for e-commerce.

ClickBank has become the global leader in the sale of digital goods online with more than 10,000 products for sale. It completes about 20,000 orders each day from more than 200 countries around the world. ClickBank.com is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the Internet. The company is a private entity with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho in the US.

Many Internet marketers have made a lot of money by being successful affiliates of ClickBank. So being available to Malaysians will make many newbie Malaysian Internet marketers and gurus alike brimming with joy.

Prior to this, many Malaysians joined this lucrative ClickBank business through the backdoor. They obtained virtual office addresses or borrowed friends' or relatives' addresses in Singapore to join and have their checks sent there.

In fact, I just recently enquired from a relative whether I could use her Singapore address for ClickBank and was about to use that address to join when I heard that ClickBank has re-opened its doors to Malaysians, after many years. What good news. It will be convenient and fun!

If Malaysian marketers have previously signed up using Singapore forwarding addresses, you can now save money and enjoy convenience by changing to your Malaysian addresses. Just login to your ClickBank account and request for change of address.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Internet language and blogspeak

More on acronyms on the Internet and in the blogosphere. Here are some of my favourites:

GOL Giggling out loud

HTH Hope this helps

IMHO In my humble opinion

IMO In my opinion

TTFN Ta ta for now

BION Believe it or not

ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing

FWIW For what it's worth

AFAIK As far as I know

L8er Later

Snark This is a blog, posting or blogger who is nasty and obnoxious

Macrologue A conversation going on between lots of people, on a global scale, on many blogs all at the same time

Megablog This blogging word is used to describe a really big, very busy blog

Well, there's a lot more to blogspeak, the language of blogging than briefly mentioned here. The easiest way to find out more about blogspeak is to search the Internet in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

You can look for a single acronym that you are not sure of. Alternatively, you could search in a blogging dictionary to find lists of terms.

Some good blogging dictionaries are:

There is nothing worse than trying to show off but using an acronym wrongly. It's best to check out and make sure of the meaning first before using.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Interesting Blogging Terms and Acronyms

Having been in the blogosphere for some time, I find that every now and then I come across an unfamiliar blogging term. However, for me, certain terms have been demystified like LOL for Laughing Out Loud, FYI for For Your Information, and Moblog for a blog posted and maintained via mobile phone.

BTW, I have a blog like that (moblog) at http://mobiledale.blogspot.com which I post and maintain with my Sony Ericsson K530i mobile phone. It has a 2 mega-pixel camera which enables me to do photoblogging that goes with appropriate captions.

Certain other terms which may be unfamiliar with many people are vlogging, also called video blogging, shortened to vlog, and audioblogging which is making blogs from MP3 music or speech, shortened to audioblog.

Blog components and functions also entail new words like header, the topmost part of the blog usually listing the blog title, and footer, the bottom-most part of the blog usually listing copyright statements and sometimes navigation.

Also something new is Captcha - short for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." Those word and numbers verification images you need to type in to show you are human and not a bot. Helpful to block automated spam comments.

Another unfamiliar term is Permalink - a link to a specific article in a blog. And, Tags are labelling or attaching keywords to collect similar posts.

Blogroll is a list of links to other blogs in your sidebar.

Template is the blog presentation design.

Plugins are small files that add improved functionality and new features to your blog.

Dashboard - when you login to your blogging account, it is the first screen with all controls, tools and functions.

A rather interesting term is Blogstipation - writer's block for bloggers! Can't think of what to blog about? Then this term applies.

But when you have an unusually high output of articles, it is called Blogorrhea.

Ha, ha! Interesting, isn't it?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are Traffic Exchanges Actually Useful?

Are traffic exchanges a relevant and useful means of advertising websites? I would say yes, but with certain reservations: only if the copy is short and eye-catching, or if you advertise a crisp squeeze page (opt-in page) with a free offer to capture email addresses for your list.

Used in that way, traffic exchanges are a very much relevant, low cost and useful mode of advertising that can bring great benefits to your online home based business. Let's see what Timothy Duffett has to say about this:

Can Surfing For Advertising Credits Get Your Home Based Business Successful Results?

by Timothy Duffett

If you have been online for any length of time I am sure you have seen that there are literally scores of internet sites that allow you to advertise your website in a rotation with hundreds or even thousands of other home based business websites.

Most of them allow you to join for free and you can earn free credits to get your site seen in the rotation. You can also purchase credits and you can usually upgrade to a pro version, which gives you additional exposure.

Several of these surf programs will even allow you to place banner impressions which will cost you money, or they can be exchanged for credits you have earned or purchased. I have seen a couple which will allow you to place a solo ad that is e-mailed to the members of the surf club. The solo ads cost money for the advertiser but the member reading the solo ad gets surf credits for reading the solo ad. As an advertiser, this gives you the security of knowing that your ad will probably be read.

Most surf programs also give you the ability to become an affiliate for these sites. The more people who join through you gives you more advertising credits, and even money in some cases.

My first impression of this type of advertising was that what good would it do me to have my ad being shown to thousands of other advertisers, who are surfing for credits to advertise their own home based business? When I first signed up for a few different ones my only focus was to get as many credits as possible to get my ad exposed. Initially I was very disappointed and thought it just was a waste of time, since no one bought right away.

Keeping a careful eye on the different ads that I would see in these rotations, I started to notice alot of the big names you see. The guru type names you hear about were also advertising on these rotators. My thought was it must be working for them or they would not waste their time with it.

The next thing I noticed was that the guru names I recognized, or the ads I would see over and over again month after month, usually were not trying to sell something on a one time shot. The method they were using was to give away a free product such as a free news letter or piece of software or free educational video. Their whole purpose was to capture your e-mail for their list.

They say the money is in the list, and that is what their ads were designed to do! Build their list.

Millions of people join a home based business program or mlm, or affiliate type program and have no idea what to do, are confused, or not given any guidance once they sign up. These people are also surfing for credits and are prime candidates since they are not succeeding with the program they are advertising. if you can convey in your ad that your program or product will work for them, you have a potential client reading your ad.

My study of surf programs has given me the insight to know that they can work and are a valuable way of marketing your home based business if used properly. I can not think of a cheaper way to get your site seen thousands of times. Keep in mind that you will need alot of exposure, and good ad copy, since you only get about twenty seconds to capture their interest.

To Your Success, Timothy Duffett

About the Author

Timothy Duffett is an affiliate home based business marketer specializing in residual affiliate marketing programs: To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit: http://www.EZPlugInProfitSite.com

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Relax with online casino games

Like they say, all work and no play... Well, Internet marketers and bloggers alike, after hard work on your website or your blog, you may want to relax a bit by playing some online gambling games.

So, how to decide which site is best for you? This is where the website www.pro360.com comes in. It gives reviews of the best of the 3,000 online casinos where you can relax by playing poker, blackjack, slots or other games.

From the reviews you will be able to get an idea of how reliable a casino online is in terms of payout, playability, graphics, customers support, etc.

The reviews have been designed to help you cut through the maze of almost 3,000 online casinos making you not knowing where to start.

Among other things, it gives you a detailed review of such factors as the various aspects of the game experience, the trust score and the bonuses offered by each online casino.

Then you can sit back and select your favorite online casino to play casino games for relaxation after long hours working on your blog or website.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Get Targeted Traffic Free

Here's something very interesting provided by John Lynch.

How to Increase Targeted Website Traffic for Free!

By John Lynch

I'm gonna give away a Huge Targeted Website Traffic Secret the gurus don't want you to know!

A secret to get increased website traffic for FREE!

I could charge $47 for this secret if I wanted to...

But I'm not.

I'm gonna piss off a lot of website traffic gurus by giving you this secret for free.

This one secret I'm about to share with you is better than most of the snake oil being peddled on the internet by the so called "website traffic gurus"...

And the website traffic gurus are charging as much as $97 for their snake oil!

So how do you increase targeted website traffic for free?

Writing articles or having them ghost written for you.

However there's a little more to it than just writing articles...you gotta know which keywords to write your articles around and which sites to submit them to...

And I'm gonna tell you how...

Read On...

First thing you gotta do is find your keyword niche to base your article on....

I'll tell ya how I did it...

My website is about "How To Make Money Online".

So I went to wordtracker.com and used their free trial...

I typed in my keyword "How To Make Money Online" and got 15 other related keywords along with each one's KEI (keyword effectiveness index).

In a nutshell, look for the keywords near the top of the list. The higher the KEI, the more popular your keywords are, and the less competition they have. This means you have a great chance of getting to the top of page 1 on Google.

The keyword niche I used was the one at the top of the list with the highest KEI, in my case "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online".

I then wrote an article around the keyword phrase "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online". I know this is a mis-spell, this was done on purpose when I did my keyword research on wordtracker.com free trial.

My article got listed 4 TIMES on the FIRST PAGE of Google in minutes!!!

All I did was write one article around the keyword phrase "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online", posted it on Hubpages.com, scribd.com, and Digg.com.

In 30 minutes my article was listed (and still is as of this writing) 4 TIMES on the FIRST PAGE of Google's generic content, not the sponsered links on the right side of Google's page where you have to pay, but Google's generic content in the middle of the page...

And this did NOT cost me one red cent to get listed 4 times on Googles first page...

AND I'm competing with 2500 other sites on Google!

Read On For The Proof...

Don't believe me, go to Google, type in the keyword "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online" (without the quotes and with the mis-spell), and you will see my article listed 4 times...under scribd.com, hubpages.com, and http://digg.com/

These are 3 traffic sucking sites!

So find your keyword niche phrase on wordtracker.com free trial, write an article around that keyword phrase, post your article on those 3 sites I mentioned above, and get ready for increased website traffic for FREE!

Then repeat this process over and over and get massive payloads of increased website traffic for FREE!!

To your Success!

John Lynch

About the Author

Work at Home Ideas and Opportunities Plug-In Profit Site - 3 EASY STEPS to Make Money Online!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Wishing all those who celebrate the Chinese New Year on Feb 7 & 8 in ushering in a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rat. Sin Nien Kuai Lerk!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Web 2.0 Marketing a Hype?

Dwain Jeworski, Internet Marketing Center's VP of Marketing, advised that it is prudent to take the current hype in Web 2.0 with a pinch of salt. He warned that using social media and bookmarking sites, no doubt is beneficial but is very time consuming and one has to weigh the value of it. It takes lots of time and effort to get that traffic.

One can't just jump in and start a sales pitch but has to slowly ease into the community. Also, the people hanging out at Web 2.0 sites are looking for fun and entertainment rather than for something to buy. One can't just waltz into an online community and start talking about one's product and think of driving swarms of interested buyers to one's site.

If you want to get hold whatsoever out of Web 2.0, you have to invest a lot of time in them. You can only put your URL in your signature or profile page. In other words, in Web 2.0 your objective should be relationship building, not selling.

Usually the visitors you manage to bring from, say, Facebook or Digg will normally click out of curiosity and not to buy. Thus, Web 2.0 traffic isn't going to convert so well.

So, is it worthwhile to do Web 2.0 marketing? Jeworski says if you're already getting hundreds or thousands of high converting visitors to your site each day, only then should you even consider Web 2.0 marketing.

Otherwise, the truth is, there are probably many other things you should be looking at that will produce better results than spending hours each day on a site like Facebook or Digg.

Before you invest your time in Web 2.0 marketing you should absolutely make sure your basics are right, such as your marketing factors, sales copy and site design.

Then you should optimize for the search engines, which is still the greatest source of free traffic online. Also don't forget the proven traffic generation strategies such as pay-per-click and article marketing. Then also do joint ventures with other successful entrepreneurs to promote your product to new groups of interested visitors.

Only after the proven ways of driving qualified traffic have been utilized, then and only then, should you venture into Web 2.0 marketing, advised Jeworski.

He says, because otherwise, you'll find yourself digging way too many holes in the ground - but never striking gold.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Year of the Rat

Yes, 2008 is the Chinese Year of the Rat and it's even celebrated in Japan. Mice competed in a rodent race at a Japan zoo to celebrate the Year of the Rat which begins on February 7.

Also replicas of these creatures are given pride of place on the shelves and in the antique shops in Chinatowns throughout Asia to herald in the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays.

It is an important holiday in East Asia. The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first lunar month and ends on the 15th of that month.

Celebrated in areas with large populations of ethnic Chinese, Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese and has had a strong influence on the new year celebrations of its geographic neighbours, as well as cultures with whom the Chinese have had extensive interaction. These include Koreans, Mongolians, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Vietnamese, and formerly the Japanese before 1873.

In Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries with significant Chinese populations, Chinese New Year is also celebrated, largely by ethnic Chinese.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Social Marketing Traffic Strategies

Watch this 50-minute video on Social Marketing by Don Crowther of Stompernet. It is indeed an eye-opener on the great importance and significance of Social Marketing.

Yes, Social Media or Web 2.0 sites are a great force to rekon with because it is truly bringing the world much closer. We are all getting more and more connected. We are building relationships with people around the world and doing it at an amazing pace.

This is a huge tidal wave... and if your blog or business is not positioned in front of the wave, then you're going to be left behind. This is described as a FUNDAMENTAL shif on the Internet.

Here is the link: Social Marketing - No Secrets

It's worth watching the 50 minutes right from start to finish, especially if you have not looked into using Social Media and Web 2.0 sites as a means to market your blog or business.

Google Changes Algorithm?
In the New Year, Google seems to be changing their algorithm and making the search results more time related. The leading search engine has been ranking items from popular sites like Digg higher than factual or historical sites like Wikipedia.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gurus Taught Wrong Way of Article Marketing

Here's something I learned recently and would like to share.

Many gurus have taught that in article marketing or submitting articles to article directories for purpose of promoting your link in the resource box, just write any old short article between 300 to 400 words without bothering whether the article has quality, since the only purpose of the article was to provide some kind of content to get the link back to their website.

This is a big mistake because Google has enhanced their algorithm to take care of this kind of spamming.

First you must realize that the purpose of an article directory is to provide a storehouse where webmasters can go to gather quality articles that they can place on their websites for the benefit of their readers.

Bill Pratt in his article at Site-Reference website, said what Google considers is this. If an article was distributed six months ago, and no one else has chosen to publish it, except for the article directories, then it is perfectly safe to assume that the article is pure garbage and not worthy of the links it possesses.

When an article is of good quality, people will vote on that article by putting it on their non-article directory website. If an article is on article directories AND it is also on average niche websites, then it must be a good article and worthy of its links, including those in the article directories.

So you see, it pays to write excellent quality articles of quite good lengths of about 500 words or more in submitting to article directories.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

You've heard of eating snakes and lizards. Now, caviar extracted from snail's eggs has started to emerge in Paris restaurants. But those wanting a taste need to be prepared to pay a premium price.

Did you celebrate New Year with caviar?

Given its high price in the West, caviar is synonymous with luxury and wealth. In Russia and other Eastern European cultures, though still expensive, caviar is commonly served at holiday feasts, weddings, and other festive occasions.

Sturgeon-derived caviar is generally not eaten by Jews who keep kosher, because sturgeon lacks scales and thus is not considered kosher; however, this does not apply to every roe-yielding fish species.

In Islam all sea or river animals such as fish are lawful and halal which applies to the sturgeon as well as its caviar. In Hong Kong and Japan, caviar may be found on sushi and is often very affordable.