Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome challenges Internet Explorer in new Browser War

A brand new web browser from Google, called Chrome, came yesterday (Tuesday 2nd Sept) as a formidable competitor to IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Anyone who has lingering thoughts that the browser wars are over will be shocked by this new open-source software project called Google Chrome.

Although the war is less fierce than in the 1990s, the fact that it involves one of technology's most powerful companies makes the browser war something worthwhile to watch.

At the moment, figures show the market shares of the browsers are: IE 72%, Firefox 20%, Safari 6% and Opera 1%.

Firefox has been nibbling at IE's share for a long time, but IE remains unshakable. However, Google Chrome has several revolutionary new features that can enable it to eat into the market share of IE.

Nevertheless, it is expected that IE8 will pose a formidable defense from Chrome. It is Firefox that stands to lose most from Chrome. Firefox is the alternative to IE for those who do not love Microsoft, and now another alternative appears.

However, Google Chrome is open-source and they welcome pinching of technology from them by IE and Firefox to make the Internet a better place for all users. Well, they have a vested interest. They will prosper as the Internet prospers. Well and good.

You can download Google Chrome here.

I have downloaded it and I'm already using it now as an alternative browser. I find that it has almost all of the features of Firefox, and more.

Since I've just bought a mini 8.9inch Wind MSi notebook, one feature I look for is the zooming which is available in Firefox. It is also available in Chrome, making it very useful when using the 8.9inch screen.

All in all, I think Google Chrome is extremely feature laden and a very fast browser. Recommended.

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PixelLens said...

This is definately useful information to many internet users. Since this new browser Google Chrome is a very fast browser,good features, and also contain most of the feature of Firefox ( I am using Firefox ) definately I will try it out.

Dale Ng said...

Glad you find the info useful.