Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wonderful TE Browser!

Using the TE Browser is very easy. Just go to the above title link and click on the link to join. Then download the browser to your computer and launch it.

Once you have the browser launched you will see your dashboard. Click on the 'down' arrow next to the TEBrowser tab and then click on Downline Builder. Join several TEs. Update that page with your referral IDs for the TEs by clicking on the Update Referral URLs button at the bottom of that page.

Now, pick 5 TEs that you want to use and open them in the TE Browser. Click on PowerSurf and start surfing. (If you decide to upgrade your browser, you will get more tabs in a power surf session.)

As soon as you click on one of the surfing icons in a TE, the browser will automatically move you to the next TE. Just click and click and click. You will build up your credits quickly with this browser.

When a prize page comes up on any of the TEs, you will see a big red banner across the top of the page. Click on the prize first, then click on the banner, it will go away until the next prize is available.

This browser will only work with the TEs that are included in the browser but that's OK, they have a lot of the top TEs there for you to choose from.

This browser has many other cool functions to save you time and earn you more credits. Look around and see.

You can also click here to download TEBrowser.