Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year greetings and good news

The year 2008 is fast coming to a close and we will be ushering in the New Year 2009.

So I take the opportunity to bring you some New Year good news and goodies. I hope the New Year brings you good luck, good health and abundant blessings.

Of late, several people have come out with their free versions of Clickbank portals. Established Clickbank portals like CBmall or 1stpromotion were the original front runners and were well sought after, but they came with a hefty price of $47 to $197.

The good news is that for a limited time, Jeff Mulligan is offering his famous CBmall for free, as a maketing test.

So the well-proven CBmall has joined the ranks of CBProAds, CBTopSites, CBGlobe and CBTop in giving away free Clickbank portals, with varying degrees of differences between them.

Personally, I have chosen to join CBmall and CBGlobe as the premier free portals with plenty of benefits. In fact, CBmall has been proven for the last 3 or 4 years with Jeff Mulligan touting its 15 profitable streams of income. It's a proven winner.

You can join CBmall for free by clicking here. Click!

And you can join CBGlobe for free by clicking here. Click!

Yes, at the moment they are free to join. So, why wait? Grab your share and start making money online.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get your free Clickbank portal now

A week or so ago I told you how you can get a free Clickbank
==> http://cbglobe.com/cgi-bin/vp/redir.cgi?id=daleng&r=http://cbglobe.com/signup.shtml

I just realized that he is giving away the pro features
of Cb Globe even to the free members!

In other words, you are getting access to plugins like
Adsense-like ads, Clickbank search with over 10,000
products embedded with your id, that you can use
on your own sites... and unlimited trackers, url
rotators, banner manager and more... without having
to upgrade!

I urge you to go get a free account, before he comes
to his senses and starts charging for the upgrade:

Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Free Valuable Clickbank Portal for You

You'll love me for what I'm gonna give you today.

Stelios has created a service that's similar, but in my
opinion, more powerful than other Clickbank portals.

Clickbank portals like Cbmall or 1stpromotion are cool
but they come with a hefty price ($47 to $97).

CbGlobe will cost you zip, nada, zilch!

On top of that it comes with cool plugins that other
Clickbank portals, that cost money, do not have.

The portal will have your Clickbank ID on over 10,000
Clickbank products.

In addition, it will have lots of 2tier affiliate
programs with your id, and this way you will be building
your downlines and earning from your 2tier as well.

You can get it here:
==> http://cbglobe.com/cgi-bin/vp/redir.cgi?id=daleng&r=http://cbglobe.com/signup.shtml

Here's a quick recap of its features:

- admin area to update your affiliate ids in seconds
- ad tracking (track all your ads)
- url rotator (split test different ad campaigns)
- banner manager (rotate various banners on all your sites
by simply pasting a few lines of code once)
- Clickbank Portal plugin (to place on other websites you own
and sell more than 10,000 digital products and services,
which are embedded with your Clickbank affiliate ID, earning
you up to 75% commissions per sale.)
- Adsense-like ads (you choose what they are about, and whether
you want a banner or a tower, and how they look, so they can
blend in with your own content)
- Website Referral system to multiply your traffic for free!
- Viral articles with your affiliate ids embedded
- Downline statistics
- much much more...

Here's where you can see all the features, and grab your
own free Clickbank portal:

P.S There's a ton of features in Cb Globe. You don't have to
use them all at once. Just fill in your affiliate Ids by logging
into your admin panel, and in no time you'll take advantage of
all its features:

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Develop your Wit and Humor

How would YOU like to be the LIFE and SOUL of ANY social gathering?

Let's be honest. We all LOVE those individuals that make us LAUGH.

The funnier you are, the more people like you.

Well, how funny are YOU?

What if you could suddenly become EVEN FUNNIER, just by following a few simple rules?

Master wit Max Matterson has worked in the comedy world for the past 20 years. He's the co-author of "Comedy Writing Secrets" and trained many of the big late night show hosts.

He knows EXACTLY how to train ANYONE to become super-witty in just minutes. Matterson claims there are just a series of simple rules that ANYONE can follow to become hilariously funny!

Do YOU want to discover his COMEDY SECRETS?

Visit his website online and learn more: http://www.how-to-be-funny.com/?afl=48886

Max shares EVERYTHING with you -- and GUARANTEES that your new-found funny skills will ROCKET your business and social life. In fact he'll buy back the course if you're not absolutely THRILLED!

When was the last time you invested even FIVE MINUTES in developing your social skills? Especially in something as important as your HUMOR?

Do it now. Click HERE and get started: http://www.how-to-be-funny.com/?afl=48886

Thanks for your time!