Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Interesting Blogging Terms and Acronyms

Having been in the blogosphere for some time, I find that every now and then I come across an unfamiliar blogging term. However, for me, certain terms have been demystified like LOL for Laughing Out Loud, FYI for For Your Information, and Moblog for a blog posted and maintained via mobile phone.

BTW, I have a blog like that (moblog) at http://mobiledale.blogspot.com which I post and maintain with my Sony Ericsson K530i mobile phone. It has a 2 mega-pixel camera which enables me to do photoblogging that goes with appropriate captions.

Certain other terms which may be unfamiliar with many people are vlogging, also called video blogging, shortened to vlog, and audioblogging which is making blogs from MP3 music or speech, shortened to audioblog.

Blog components and functions also entail new words like header, the topmost part of the blog usually listing the blog title, and footer, the bottom-most part of the blog usually listing copyright statements and sometimes navigation.

Also something new is Captcha - short for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." Those word and numbers verification images you need to type in to show you are human and not a bot. Helpful to block automated spam comments.

Another unfamiliar term is Permalink - a link to a specific article in a blog. And, Tags are labelling or attaching keywords to collect similar posts.

Blogroll is a list of links to other blogs in your sidebar.

Template is the blog presentation design.

Plugins are small files that add improved functionality and new features to your blog.

Dashboard - when you login to your blogging account, it is the first screen with all controls, tools and functions.

A rather interesting term is Blogstipation - writer's block for bloggers! Can't think of what to blog about? Then this term applies.

But when you have an unusually high output of articles, it is called Blogorrhea.

Ha, ha! Interesting, isn't it?

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mwitt said...

Nice collection of blogging terms that will be useful for some of those newbies coming onto the scene. Nicely presented, too. Have a good day.