Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gurus Taught Wrong Way of Article Marketing

Here's something I learned recently and would like to share.

Many gurus have taught that in article marketing or submitting articles to article directories for purpose of promoting your link in the resource box, just write any old short article between 300 to 400 words without bothering whether the article has quality, since the only purpose of the article was to provide some kind of content to get the link back to their website.

This is a big mistake because Google has enhanced their algorithm to take care of this kind of spamming.

First you must realize that the purpose of an article directory is to provide a storehouse where webmasters can go to gather quality articles that they can place on their websites for the benefit of their readers.

Bill Pratt in his article at Site-Reference website, said what Google considers is this. If an article was distributed six months ago, and no one else has chosen to publish it, except for the article directories, then it is perfectly safe to assume that the article is pure garbage and not worthy of the links it possesses.

When an article is of good quality, people will vote on that article by putting it on their non-article directory website. If an article is on article directories AND it is also on average niche websites, then it must be a good article and worthy of its links, including those in the article directories.

So you see, it pays to write excellent quality articles of quite good lengths of about 500 words or more in submitting to article directories.

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