Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quality Software Giveaway For You

“Here’s How YOU Can Download Over $3,920 in FREE Windows Power User Software & Privacy Utilities – Just By Joining Trent Steele's Wildly Successful Newsletter, TODAY!

He'd like to GIVE YOU a SHOCKING $3,920 in POWERFUL software tools...

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Like the TINY little program for sending VOICEMAIL MESSAGES, instead of e-mail.

How smart is that?

Or the program that automatically erases your Internet history when you close your browser. Or the program that lets you remote control your home PC, wherever you are in the world. Or the powerful new package that can replace the ENTIRE Microsoft Office suite.

Are YOU ready to enjoy MORE FREEBIES like THESE?

That is the call of Trent Steele, site manager behind Software Street, Privacy Central, and many of the other large software sites at the WCCL Network. Every day, their network of sites attracts over 250,000 visitors. For the $3,920 in software free of charge, all you've to do is to join Steele's newsletter. Check it out at:

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr Bean's tips on elementary courtship

Embedded Video

Learn right manners in dating from Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean) as he guides you through the basics in dating in this video. View it. You will find it absolutely hilarious, but you can still learn a lot from it, although it is put in such comical ways. He has plenty of tips on how you should behave in a disco, or how to taste wine in a restaurant when you're out with your date. Rowan Atkinson is not called a comedy genius for nothing! You gotta view it, now.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change anything in your life

Can you imagine changing absolutely ANYTHING in your life...

... In just SIXTY MINUTES?

That's what happened with my neighborhood friend, Emily.

She was an overweight smoker with lungs full of tar. She completely lacked in confidence around men, and would consistently burn-out while trying to prove herself as a fresh-faced attorney.

Until, that is, as a last ditch attempt, she took my recommendation and looked into the world of subliminal CDs.

Emily bought a few CDs, on my recommendation. She played the relaxing CDs as she fell asleep each night. She also put the sixty-minute CDs on loop for maximum effect.

Now, two weeks later --- and the change is unbelievable.

It's a total 360. I've never seen her so confident. She's suddenly the least stressed-out person I know. She's just started dating, and she ditched the nicotine habit after JUST 24 HOURS -- without trying, and without problematic "pangs" or "urges."

She's NOT a "miracle case" or an exception.

And after speaking with her this morning, I feel so inspired, that I've decided to write to share the official Subliminal CDs website with you too.

Here it is:

Feel free to try it out for yourself. They offer a total money-back guarantee too -- but I'll bet my reputation that you don't need to use it.

Enjoy. I know you'll be amazed.

Best wishes.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Increase Your Reading Speed

As a blogger, you will realize a need to read faster since you want to read as many relevant blogs and web pages as possible. And, you've to go through tons of e-mails.

What if you could TRIPLE your reading speed in under 60 minutes?

That was the question Dr Michael Masterman asked me to consider -- when he sent me a review copy of his new speed reading audio course three months ago. And you won't be surprised to hear that I didn't believe it!

Now, I've always avoided learning how to speed read.

Why? Because I always believed it'd take hours of training to really "work properly." And I'd heard a couple of horror stories too. (One very well-known six-CD course essentially suggests listening to fast music while reading. Now that's incredibly draining - and not exactly suited to a slow-paced romance!)

Michael promised I would literally triple my reading speed in well under an hour (without fast music or other gimmicks!) -- and said that his audio course included tests to prove it. He also said I'd be able to maintain that super-fast reading speed, even weeks later.

I took the course. It worked. And I'm STILL reading at lightening speeds!

That's exactly why I wanted to write and tell you about Michael's "Speed Reading Secret" course today!

But don't listen to me chat about it. If you want to blast through e-mail messages, blogs,web pages, books or reports (and pick up an amazing new vocabulary along the way), then check out his site:

The course includes tests, so you can literally see just how well you've improved. And if you don't improve enough, claim your money back through his guarantee!

Michael predicts the average person could save one day a week following his advice. I think he's probably right.


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