Friday, May 25, 2007

Interesting video blog of the future

Internet revenue expert and AdSense guru, Joel Comm started a video blog recently with his first posting on May 18. He has been doing an interesting post a day since then.

This video blog is to answer questions on Internet marketing posed by readers. Each answer is in video format lasting 2 to 3 minutes. So you can just sit back and watch the videos presented by Joel Comm.

He believes that video is the wave of the future on the Internet and has vowed to use it to the fullest to help Internet marketers.

He is in a position to do that because he has come a long way in Internet marketing, especially in AdSense.

He has been creating profitable websites since 1995. As co-creator of Yahoo! Games and owner of dozens of websites, his expertise covers everything from web hosting, domain registration and search engine optimization to creating content, generating traffic and monetizing websites. He has authored several ebooks, wrote a New York Times bestseller called The AdSense Code, hosted teleseminars and spoken at seminars and workshops.

You can ask him your question at or just listen and watch Joel answering questions from other Internet marketers.

If you have a slower connection, watch the video twice, the second time around it will be clear and smooth because it's all been loaded.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Check your keywords effortlessly

There is a neat little tool that allows you to check whether your keywords or search terms will appear in major search engines results pages (SERPS).

Covering four major search engines, namely Google, MSN Search, Yahoo! and Alta Vista it is as good as a gold standard.

However, it is a no-frills tool, giving you just the information you need without clutter of graphs and charts.

This tool is called Search Engines Results Tool. All you have to do is fill in the search term and type in the URL of the page. Click submit and the results will be given as positions in the respective search engines.

I came across this tool quite by chance when I visited Brown Baron's which highlighted it in a very interesting blog.
A lot of traffic can also be bad!

Before the rise of social media, marketers seemed to believe the more user traffic the better. WebProNews caught up with Sage Lewis of Sage Rock at the SEW Live in Columbus, Ohio, and spoke with him about this issue. Lewis explained that a lot of traffic could sometimes be bad if companies construct an entire marketing campaign based on social media since it could backfire on them. Find out how negative aspects can be transformed into good effects plus all the details on Sage Lewis’s Search Engine Watch column at WebProNews.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Microsoft upgrades Hotmail

This is a hot news item from San Francisco. Hotmail may be lagging behind but looks like things are changing. Microsoft on Monday, 7 May began a massive upgrade of its Hotmail email system, to match advances by competitors like Google and Yahoo.

The software giant said the upgrade represented the most signifcant improvements to Hotmail since it debuted in 1996 to become the pioneer of web-based email.

Log in to your Hotmail and you will be surprised. If you haven't got an account or have dropped yours, it's time you got a new one. It's a new Hotmail!

The new system allows Hotmail's 280 million users to easily sort their mail and enjoy enhanced security features. It also boasts an expanded storage capacity of 2 Gig and a built-in interface for mobile devices, right-click and drag-and-drop capabilities, preview pane customisation and auto-complete addressing.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Interesting Article on Blogging Laws

For bloggers, US bloggers in particular, blogging has become full of potential legal issues and the situation is made worse by the fact that law in this area is constantly in flux.

In the article 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know a dozen of the most important US laws regarding blogging are highlighted and some simple tips for handling and overcoming them are provided.

The 12 laws deal with: disclosure of paid posts, deep linking, images and thumbnails, copyright, trademark domain names, readers' private data, user-developed content, monitoring blog comments, tax laws, limited liability laws, spam laws, and journalism shield laws.

Go to 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know. It's worthwhile reading.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Google's Vanessa Fox. Nude.
Something from WebProNews

Blogging has been defined as a bearing to your life force. That is exactly what the product manager of Google’s Webmaster Central wanted to do when Vanessa Fox created her blogging site. Since she enjoys writing and blogging, she decided to create an experimental site. Her site is entitled In an interview with Webpronews at the SES conference, Fox said that she created the site because Dave Naylor was ranking for “vanessafoxnude,” and she thought if anyone was going to rank, it should be her. Fox assures us that the name has nothing to do with her being nude.