Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ever wished you'd a rotator for banner ads?

Are you making the most of your traffic exchange

To make the most of traffic exchange advertising,
it's important to use all of the tools available
to you -- including alternatives like banner and
text ads. But most people don't make the most of
traffic exchange banner advertising.

Why? Because banners are a pain in the neck to
manage. You have to set up your banners at every
traffic exchange you use, assign credits to your
campaigns, and then, just when you think you're
finished... you start using a new banner or
promoting a new program and you have to do it all
over again!

Well, I've got some great news for you!
Dan Smith and Kyle Hoskins just unveiled a new
service that makes managing banner ads a piece of

With their new program, Banner Keyring, you can
put all of your banners on a single rotator --
that's right, a rotator for banner ads! -- and
get a single image URL and link URL to use in
all of your banner advertising campaigns. No more
logging in to ten traffic exchanges every time
you need to change a banner -- just log in at
Banner Keyring, change it once, and the new banner
starts rotating at every traffic exchange you use!

Check it out:

There's more. Dan and Kyle weren't satisfied with
making banner advertising easy for you -- they
wanted to make it completely effortless. So they
included an advertising co-op in Banner Keyring.
You can purchase a co-op spot, and Dan and Kyle
will get your banners rotating in all of the top
traffic exchanges without you ever having to log
in to a single one!

Banner Keyring is totally free, so you have no
excuse not to go check it out right now. Just go
sign up now, and you can be managing all of your
banner advertising in one place within minutes!

Since Banner Keyring is brand new, there are all
sorts of ridiculous deals and great special offers
available inside the members' area -- but you
need to go sign up now, before they're gone!

Just go to:

See you there!

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