Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Advent of the TEBrowser

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This is a blog post on the TEBrowser which is the latest thing to happen in the Traffic Exchange arena:
All I have to say is – WOW!!! For the people who have chosen to use traffic exchanges to promote their products – you absolutely NEEDthis traffic exchange browser. I have been using it over the past few days and it has evolved tremendously over that time. The web site has gotten revamped and over 30 different traffic exchanges have been implemented. The greatest feature of this browser is the“POWER SURF” feature. This is the feature that sets this browser apart from ALL the others – as soon as you click the ‘matching symbol’ (or whatever your particular traffic exchange uses) you are taken to the next traffic exchange. This increases your surfing efficiency exponentially!
To give you an example from my surfing, I try to spend 2-3 hours a day surfing the traffic exchanges. In this time I surf 8-10 traffic exchanges. I usually get around 100 pages per exchange, so I surf 800-1000 pages per day. Now I always keep notepad open to take notes from different pages I see that give me ideas and sites to go back and check out after I am done. If I didn’t do this I could probably do more pages, but I like doing it. Using the traffic exchange browser (TEBrowser) I now surf around 2,500-3,000 pages in the same time frame. This is HUGE! Just to test I am just using this site in the exchanges (I know that is a NO-NO and I should be using optimized branding and squeeze pages) just to see what kind of difference surfing more pages makes. Let me tell you it makes a HUGEdifference! My traffic to this site increase so much that in the past week I have almost gotten as much traffic as I had all last month! My sign-ups to my programs and list have increased also.
As you can tell I am excited about this new traffic exchange browser (TEBrowser). There is now a new feature on the stats page that not only shows you how many pages you have surfed in each traffic exchange, but who is the top surfer for the day. It also shows how many pages on ALL the traffic exchanges have been surfed per exchange. This saves you from having to track your pages and credits (you are doing that aren’t you?). Signing up for a new traffic exchange is SO easy, you just fill in the profile (in the browser) with what username and password you want, the site to promote and all the other information and when you sign up for a new TE – it is automatically entered for you! In other words it makes it easy for you to build a downline in the traffic exchanges. Now it doesn’t have all my favorite exchanges in it, but it has most of them. There are still some bug to work out, but there is still a few days until it is released to the public.