Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you have a wonderful end to 2007 and an even better beginning to 2008. Let's hope that 2008 is a very prosperous year for us all! And may we gain robust good health!


Friday, December 21, 2007

Ad Wave Bigger Than Radio, TV combined

Radio and TV advertising closely followed the Internet because people are spending more and more time on the Internet doing things like surfing, shopping, socializing, watching TV and videos.

NetAudioAds Pay Per Play (PPP) is the new wave in Internet advertising. When a visitor arrives at a participating website, he will hear a 5-second professional audio ad. The audio will be relevant to the content of the website.

This works without having the visitor click anything, unlike Pay Per Click advertisement. Thus each and every visitor to a participating site will generate revenue for the website owner just by visiting.

The advertisers will bid for ad placement in the websites and the highest bidder will have his audio played when there is a visitor. So, a website owner who has more traffic or more pages, more income will be generated.

For the system to work, there must be many sites available for advertisers to bid for placement of the audio ads. PPP is working hard towards the deadline of Feb 1, 2008 to have everything up and running. Thus websites and blogs are being sought after.

Anybody who has a blog or a website is eligible to participate without having to pay anything. They just have to paste some given code on their sites and the audio ads will be activated when someone visits the site. The good thing is that the audio ads will be only 5 seconds, relevant to the website content and they do not take up any visual space on the webpage or blog.

PPP is set to challenge Google Adsense, but they can be used together. So far, there has been no disagreement issues with websites hosting both types of advertisements.

So, bloggers, if you want a piece of the action, you can visit

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here is a very interesting and informative piece by Dan Moses.

The Road to Freedom Through Program Ownership

By Dan Moses

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like
to be a program owner?

Have you ever thought how it might feel to own a program
of your own some day?

Have you ever wanted to own a successful Internet business,
but just didn't know how or where to start?

Do you find yourself day dreaming what it would be like
to own a program online? For years I wanted to own a
program online, but really didn't have a clue at that time
what I wanted to own. Finally, I met someone that could
help me get started in owning a program and my life
changed forever.

Becoming a program owner is so much more then just
establishing an online presence. You can do that by building
a list or promoting affiliate programs... no, being a program
owner is like creating a masterpiece that you have control
over. It's something that you become a part of... it gets in
your blood and if done right... it will become part of who
you are.

In order to make the best decision on what type of program
to own, several factors need to be considered. You want the
most suited program for you... this program needs to enable
you to perform at your peak level. Warning: Don't create a
program until you've answered the following five questions...

1. Would you like to earn a residual income from the Internet?

2. Would you like to build a list very quickly?

3. Would you like to create traffic on demand?

4. Would you like to build relationships with Top Marketers?

5. Would you like to achieve freedom from employment?

If you answered yes to these 5 questions then this is for you,
but are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Being a program owner is more then getting up in the morning
and checking stats and sales. You have to invest your heart into
your program and the time needed to make that program a huge
success. At least that's the way I've always done it.

People know the difference from an owner who cares for them
and a owner who's only in it for themselves and the money.

So what kinds of programs are there to own online?

Actually... quite a few:

1. SafeLists
2. Membership sites
3. Downline builders
3. List building programs
4. Traffic Exchanges
5. Forums can be programs
6. Newsletter programs like The Nettle
7. Resource programs like PageSwirl
8. Autoresponder programs
9 Tracking programs like ProTrackerPlus
10. Affiliate programs

The list can go on and on here... but which ones are better then
the others? Well, there's a lot more to it then that.

You see, some programs are much harder to create or compete
with others in the market place, but those programs can produce
the most revenue over the others.

Like owning an Autoresponder Program. There's a lot of competition
when it comes to autoresponders and you would have to invest quite
a bit of capitol into that program not only to develop it, but for
advertising that would get you noticed above the other great
programs that are already online.

On the other hand... running an Affiliate Program wouldn't cost
much up front, nor would there be much competition if you had
your own unique products to allow others to promote. Plus the
scripts are pretty inexpensive and pretty easy to set up. Now it
wouldn't be as lucrative as owning an Autoresponder program,
but if done right... you could see some nice income from it.

You see, it's not that easy deciding what program you'd like to
own, but the key to owning one is to first get into similar programs
you want to own and learn everything you can about the programs
and not just the programs, but get to know the owners.

Who are they?
Do they hang out somewhere online together?
Is there a forum they spend a lot of time at?
Do they even care to get to know other program owners within
their niche?

These are key questions to ask and are a main reason why some
owners and their programs outperform others. The ground work
done before hand can be the key difference that makes or breaks
you in pretty much any niche you choose to jump into.

If you can, get to know the owners of those programs and if they're
willing to help you... you're in! You not only will have a fantastic
program, but the owners within that niche will refer you to their
members and soon their members will be your members. Whola!

I'm sure by now you are well aware that you will do better with
certain programs than you would with others. What you may not
be aware of is that there are some owners out there willing to help
you create your program, launch it, and introduce you to other
owners that can help you succeed.

Finding them is much easer said then done! This is step #1 in your
quest to owning a program. Once you find them the rest is up to

They will lead you down the road to freedom through program
ownership and before you know it you'll call yourself a proud
owner of ____? :o)

Before I let you get back to dreaming, I need to let you know
that I can help. I am that step #1 when it comes to owning a
Traffic Exchange. If that's been your dream... I can make that
a reality. Just ask.

In Conclusion:

You need to decide what works best for you, find the right
people to help with that program, and go after them with a
'Whatever It Takes' attitude. Don't forget to get to know as
many owners within that niche as you can... before you launch
and maybe even get their help in launching your program.

Follow all these steps and you're sure to have a successful


Dan Moses is a 30-year old family man living in Redmond,
Oregon who came online over seven years ago, and like most
of us, planned to set out on a journey of finding his riches on
the Internet. Of course, he quickly realized it wasn't as easy
as most would have you believe. But that didn't stop Dan...
Throughout his journeys he has become quite the entrepreneur
by owning and/or operating over 10 programs online, the most
popular being... Recommended Links: PageSwirl : 4x4Hits :
ClickMaster Pro : FreeClickThruClub : ProTrackerPlus

"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every
man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which
all men have some."

- Charles Dickens
1812-1870, Novelist

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Google's View of SEO's Future

At SES 2007 conference in Chicago (Dec. 3-7), WebProNews reporter Abby Prince has a very interesting conversation with Jim Muller, Tech Lead for Google universal search. Jim gives Google's view of SEO's future, and it still very much revolves around those links. That hints that the issue of paid links will still be pursued in the future.

He goes into details on the increased expansion of universal search to cover images, videos, news and almost anything on the Internet. He also explained the notion of blended search whereby Google gives out a blend of search results for a query.

Jim is a very well-educated and brilliant gentleman who joined Google in 2005. He is now Tech Lead on Google's universal search effort.

Prior to joining Google, he was a neuroscience researcher at Stanford. Before that he worked on computer vision algorithms at Sarnoff Labs, and at hardware and software startups.

Jim has a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester and a BS in Computer Science/Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon.

So, watch the interview with Jim - the Tech Lead in Google universal search.