Saturday, March 08, 2008

Get Targeted Traffic Free

Here's something very interesting provided by John Lynch.

How to Increase Targeted Website Traffic for Free!

By John Lynch

I'm gonna give away a Huge Targeted Website Traffic Secret the gurus don't want you to know!

A secret to get increased website traffic for FREE!

I could charge $47 for this secret if I wanted to...

But I'm not.

I'm gonna piss off a lot of website traffic gurus by giving you this secret for free.

This one secret I'm about to share with you is better than most of the snake oil being peddled on the internet by the so called "website traffic gurus"...

And the website traffic gurus are charging as much as $97 for their snake oil!

So how do you increase targeted website traffic for free?

Writing articles or having them ghost written for you.

However there's a little more to it than just writing gotta know which keywords to write your articles around and which sites to submit them to...

And I'm gonna tell you how...

Read On...

First thing you gotta do is find your keyword niche to base your article on....

I'll tell ya how I did it...

My website is about "How To Make Money Online".

So I went to and used their free trial...

I typed in my keyword "How To Make Money Online" and got 15 other related keywords along with each one's KEI (keyword effectiveness index).

In a nutshell, look for the keywords near the top of the list. The higher the KEI, the more popular your keywords are, and the less competition they have. This means you have a great chance of getting to the top of page 1 on Google.

The keyword niche I used was the one at the top of the list with the highest KEI, in my case "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online".

I then wrote an article around the keyword phrase "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online". I know this is a mis-spell, this was done on purpose when I did my keyword research on free trial.

My article got listed 4 TIMES on the FIRST PAGE of Google in minutes!!!

All I did was write one article around the keyword phrase "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online", posted it on,, and

In 30 minutes my article was listed (and still is as of this writing) 4 TIMES on the FIRST PAGE of Google's generic content, not the sponsered links on the right side of Google's page where you have to pay, but Google's generic content in the middle of the page...

And this did NOT cost me one red cent to get listed 4 times on Googles first page...

AND I'm competing with 2500 other sites on Google!

Read On For The Proof...

Don't believe me, go to Google, type in the keyword "How To Make Money Legitimtely Online" (without the quotes and with the mis-spell), and you will see my article listed 4 times...under,, and

These are 3 traffic sucking sites!

So find your keyword niche phrase on free trial, write an article around that keyword phrase, post your article on those 3 sites I mentioned above, and get ready for increased website traffic for FREE!

Then repeat this process over and over and get massive payloads of increased website traffic for FREE!!

To your Success!

John Lynch

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