Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Internet Success Case Study

Would earning an extra $900 a month make a BIG difference in
your life?

Sure, it'd be great, but it probably wouldn't have a huge impact
on your mortgage, retirement savings, orthodontist bills, kids'
college fund, or the piles of bills that are cluttering up your
desk, right?

But what if you could earn that $900 a month by working just
5-8 hours?

And what if, by using the same strategies you used to make
that first $900, you could quickly start to DOUBLE it... and
double it again... and again...

... until you're making potentially thousands a month. Does
*that* change the picture?

I was just reading a case study on Derek Gehl's website about
a 15-year-old girl who's actually doing this: making $900 a
month on the Internet while working no more than 8 hours.

She obviously has NO business training or experience, and at
just 15, she's clearly pretty short on "life" experience, too,
but still, she's given up babysitting for good, thanks to the
success she's having with her website.

And while she's not exactly getting wealthy (yet!), she's
using the exact SAME strategies that hundreds of other
successful Internet entrepreneurs have used to make MUCH more
(sometimes millions of dollars) with their own Internet

I really recommend you check out her case study on Derek's

In it, he actually walks you through the exact, step-by-step
system she, and thousands of his other clients, are using to
achieve these remarkable results with their Internet businesses.

To read the case study, just follow this link:


P.S. When you read the case study, Derek will give you permission
to use the profit generating strategies it reveals yourself for
30 days, to see if they'll work for YOU, too...

... so make sure you check it out right away!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$197.00 Gift For You

I have gotten to know Edmund Loh and today he's offering you lifetime Gold membership access to his new site,, which costs $197.00 - for FREE!

Edmund is an active Private Label product creator and regularly sources for *strictly* quality Resell Rights products on the net - and you get to benefit from his work in addition to building your online business on steroids!

You can gain privileged access to RRM here:

Bonus Lifetime Gold Access to Resell Rights Mastery ($197 Value)

Enjoy your gift!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your FREE Ebay video course

You could be making literally thousands of dollars a year online WITHOUT even getting your own website... and you can learn how to do it for FREE!

Let me explain...

Derek Gehl and his in-house team of experts have been spending the past few MONTHS analyzing all of the latest developments and changes at eBay, the world's biggest online marketplace...

... and they've applied what they've learned to create a simple, three-step system you can follow to rake in a healthy chunk of the $60 BILLION that exchanges hands on eBay every YEAR!

And the best part?

Derek's laid out the entire profitable system in a set of training videos that you can watch RIGHT NOW for FREE!

First, he's going to reveal the number one mistake that nearly EVERY new "eBayer" makes when they're getting started (it's a BIGGIE, and it can stop you COLD from ever making a PENNY)!

After that, he'll explain his secret three-step formula for evaluating ANY item to determine if it'll be a HOT seller... teach you how to find hungry markets that are BEGGING to buy what you're selling...

... and wrap up this three-video series by looking at what's new and different at eBay, and explaining EXACTLY how to take advantage of the recent changes to start profiting RIGHT AWAY (while everyone else is scrambling to get up-to-speed)!

This system is FULL of secret strategies that virtually NOBODY else knows about!

It's also been tested and proven by his own elite group of eBay mentors, so you KNOW it's gonna work for you, too.

So if you want to learn how to start making SERIOUS money online in the fastest time possible, without having to create your own website (or if you'd like to add an additional stream of income to an existing website), I highly recommend Derek's three FREE eBay training videos!

Start watching them RIGHT AWAY by following this link:

P.S. The sooner you watch these FREE eBay videos, the sooner you'll be able to swoop in and start making HUGE profits while your competitors are still struggling to learn about all the changes!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome challenges Internet Explorer in new Browser War

A brand new web browser from Google, called Chrome, came yesterday (Tuesday 2nd Sept) as a formidable competitor to IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Anyone who has lingering thoughts that the browser wars are over will be shocked by this new open-source software project called Google Chrome.

Although the war is less fierce than in the 1990s, the fact that it involves one of technology's most powerful companies makes the browser war something worthwhile to watch.

At the moment, figures show the market shares of the browsers are: IE 72%, Firefox 20%, Safari 6% and Opera 1%.

Firefox has been nibbling at IE's share for a long time, but IE remains unshakable. However, Google Chrome has several revolutionary new features that can enable it to eat into the market share of IE.

Nevertheless, it is expected that IE8 will pose a formidable defense from Chrome. It is Firefox that stands to lose most from Chrome. Firefox is the alternative to IE for those who do not love Microsoft, and now another alternative appears.

However, Google Chrome is open-source and they welcome pinching of technology from them by IE and Firefox to make the Internet a better place for all users. Well, they have a vested interest. They will prosper as the Internet prospers. Well and good.

You can download Google Chrome here.

I have downloaded it and I'm already using it now as an alternative browser. I find that it has almost all of the features of Firefox, and more.

Since I've just bought a mini 8.9inch Wind MSi notebook, one feature I look for is the zooming which is available in Firefox. It is also available in Chrome, making it very useful when using the 8.9inch screen.

All in all, I think Google Chrome is extremely feature laden and a very fast browser. Recommended.

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