Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smorty, a rewarding small home business

Smorty is a website where I can get paid to blog by advertisers who are keen to advertise on blogs regarding their products or services. I get paid for blogging on the virtues of products or the lack of them. Writing for Smorty can be a rewarding small home business.

I came to know about Smorty through an old friend of mine who had been a Smorty fan for some time and made good money with the program. Using the URL he provided me I applied to join Smorty. Since at that time I already had quite good Google Page Rank, I did not encounter any difficulty.

I find that Smorty has quite a lot of opportunities available for bloggers most of the time and the posts need not be unduly long. Also, the terms of service are flexible and not fraught with stifling artificial rules and regulations.

Basically, Smorty seamlessly connects advertisers with bloggers so that bloggers can write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers' sites. This service is very well run and bloggers get paid promptly without undue delay.

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