Thursday, November 01, 2007

Expediting Process of Debit Card Withdrawal

This is about using AlRajhi Visa debit card to withdraw from PalPal account in Malaysia.

On Oct. 16th I opened a savings account with AlRajhi Bank and obtained my Visa debit card. As a trial run, the next morning I withdrew US$10 from my PayPal account into my Visa debit card which will go into my savings account.

PayPal deducted US$5 as service fee and credited the remaining US$5 into my Visa debit card. I then received an email to that effect from PayPal.

However, since Oct. 17the until now I have been logging into my savings account on the Internet but seen no sign of money being credited in.

So, on Nov. 1st, that is today, after 16 days, I rang up the Customer Care Consultant at AlRajhi Bank to enquire. Apparently, the transfer process could take up to 30 days. It seems some people are lucky to have their transfer processed within two weeks, but others may have to wait up to 30 days for the managing bank (HSBC) in Hong Kong to process.

The Customer Care Consultant says AlRajhi Bank is negotiating for a faster processing time as a 30-day period is far too long to wait. She says there have been several such cases that she has come across. Well, let's hope the bank will succeed in speeding up the process.


BlogMind said...

Well,let us hope it will come sooner than later. It will put a lot of minds at ease to know that they don't have to wait 30 days.

azman said...

i considered myself as lucky!!!
i withdraw my paypal to al-rajhi..and it took only 4 days!!!

check my post at

Dale Ng said...

>azman: You lucky devil! How good. I checked out your post and indeed you've reason to celebrate.