Saturday, October 27, 2007

PR3 after a year of blogging

After blogging for one year 2 months with no Page Rank, I'm quite happy that I now have a decent Google Page Rank 3 to this blog of mine. I hope this display of Page Rank has stabilized.

In recent days the first or second waves of the Google Dance had been a demotion exercise to many big name blogs of people like Darren Rowse or John Chow. However, now after the demotion rounds, come the the promotions. I'm lucky to be among those promoted from zero Page Rank to PR3.

I have a good friend whose blog got promoted from PR4 to PR6 which is higher than the Page Ranks of Darren Rowse or John Chow. His blog is at When asked, he said that the secret lies in posting regularly and frequently with quality posts. There is no necessity for link farms or things of that sort.

There's also another thing that made my day. My Internet marketing website has also been promoted from PR2 to PR3. So I hope to have a little bit more traffic.

This blog now having PR3 (if the display has stabilized) will bring me some benefits, like more opportunities for sponsored posts and higher income, hopefully.

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