Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Rajhi card tops for PayPal withdrawals in Malaysia

Looks like Malaysians now have a good avenue to withdraw money in their PayPal accounts (earned from Internet businesses like Affiliate Marketing, pay per post blogging, eBay auctions or other activities which receive payments through PayPal).

One very good way I happened to read about, is to use the free Visa debit card from Al Rajhi Bank which carries no annual fee and which can be obtained right on the spot in the bank within minutes.

You can add this debit card to your PayPal and then fill it with the money in your PayPal account before withdrawing money from an Al Rajhi Bank ATM or conveniently at the many Maybank ATMs throughout Malaysia. PayPal charges US$5 per withdrawal.

Al Rajhi Bank's debit card is excellent because it is a Visa card recognised by PayPal, it is free to obtain, there is no annual fee and it takes only a few minutes to obtain over the counter at the bank. See what Lillian Chan has written about this at Al Rajhi roxs, Public Bank suxs.


Online Marketing said...

I too heard of it also AL RAJHI Bank wants to partner least five local banks by the year- end to sell its one-of-its-kind prepaid and debit cards.

Dale Ng said...

>Online Marketing: Thanks for the info. Will check it out further.