Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keyword Suggestions Tool

Keyword or keyword phrases of your blog or website are very important if you want to promote your site in an online campaign. However, sometimes it could be difficult to figure out appropriate keywords or keyword phrases of your site.

Don't despair because there is a free tool you can use for this purpose. It's called the Website Keyword Suggestions Tool.

Just enter a URL and it'll analyze the page and return a list of keyword and key phrase suggestions for that page. What's more, it will tell you the number of searches per month that are performed for each term and it's free.

Internet users enter keyphrases in Search Engines to find what they want and therefore it's very important that you optimise for such keyphrases.

When you enter the URL of your page into this tool, amazingly it attempts to determine the theme of your blog or website and returns keyword suggestions for you to use, along with keyword traffic estimates based on Overture's Database.

Here is the tool:

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