Friday, August 24, 2007

"Exit Grabber" technology ups your traffic

Yesterday I came across a unique brand new site that uses the "Exit Grabber" technology to predict when a surfer is going to leave a site and sends him to another site, for example your site.

Sheila Scofield not too long ago invented this "Exit Grabber," a new technology which can be easily installed on anyone's website or blog. Once installed, it will sit there and use an intelligent alogrithm to actually predict when people are just about to leave that site.

Then a window will pop up, which is not a popup and cannot be blocked by popup blockers. Since the surfer is about to leave that site, that window will be made to have a link to send him to another destination. And that destination is your blog or website.

You're going to do something for them too. You are going to install some similar code on your blog so that when people leave your blog, it sends them to their site, too. So there is an exchange of traffic, building up large flows of traffic to your blog.

It is amazing and it is free. Go to this link to check it out: ExitExplosion


markk00 said...

This is interesting. Will look into it.

chris yeong said...

You will see the different if you do it