Sunday, August 19, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

I'm a new postie for PayPerPost blog ads where I get various interesting topics to comment on and write about. What's more, I get paid for doing so. Writing for PayPerPost can be a very satisfying and lucrative home business.

I first heard about PayPerPost from a blogger friend Mark who told me he made some good money with the program. So, I applied to join PayPerPost at but was rejected because my blog did not have sufficient posts. I was terribly disappointed, but I did my best to increase the number of posts and eventually I received an email telling me that my blog has been approved.

So here I am writing about PayPerPost so that you will know about it, if you haven't yet, and join in the fun.

Yes, for this initial assignment, all I have to do is write 200 words on my perceptions and experience of PayPerPost and I will be paid $20 through my Pay Pal account. Wow! That's great; $20 for doing something that I can do and love to do.

And that's not all. There will be many more opportunities and assignments to come as I go along and as the Google Page Rank and Alexa score of my blog improve.

I can see that I will get a steady stream of income from writing PayPerPost assignments while enjoying myself while doing so. Well, you could build up this stream of income yourself too if you're a blogger. Go to and sign up. You could be in for a wonderful experience.

1 comment:

markk00 said...

Congrats. Sadly, my blog is still fresh from the oven. Will need to wait a while before I can apply.