Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Death of AdSense

Over the last week, the Internet marketing community was abuzz over the report of "The Death of AdSense". Scott Boulch, who wrote the report, said in an email, that releasing the report was like hitting a hornets' nest with a baseball bat.

He said he had some interesting emails and seen some wild accusations on blog posts and forums regarding his report. He says the viral nature of the report, and the amazing amount of atttention it's getting is huge.

So was the follow-up report "Life After AdSense". During the promotion of the two reports, and due to the massive amount of traffic they were getting, they "completely fried a new Dell server!" Fortunately the system they were on had redundant back ups, so they didn't lose any data.

In the first 9-1/2 days they created over 27,500 opt-ins, and hit #424 on Alexa's rankings on the highest day! They instantly became the most talked about website in the entire internet marketing community. They just kept growing, and growing, and growing!

Scott said: "We also helped crash Direct Track, the system software that runs Modern Click! In addition my rep from Azoogle called and said they were swamped with applications and have 5 people working all day on approvals!"

Closer to home, he had personally been flooded with positive responses from the release of the second installment "Life After AdSense." He said it would be impossible for him to handle the volume of individual requests he was getting and hoped he will have a process developed shortly to get out more information more efficiently.

Scott says in the coming week he will have two surprises coming our way, and just like the first two reports, you can leave your wallet in your pocket. He will be releasing a recording of an exclusive interview with a former AdSense Guru that has moved on up the food chain and created some amazing results.

Also in the coming week, he will be coming out with a special report filled with "Hard Data" that the "Gurus" will not want you to see. And "The Numbers Don't Lie" says Scott.

Well, I'm sure all of us are eagerly waiting for the two surprises and will thank Scott for them.

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