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AdSense and Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Roundup owner, Stephen Ayer, in his September 5 address to his Traffic Roundup traffic exchange members, made an impassioned plea to them to safeguard their AdSense accounts. It is a fact that many traffic exchange users don’t know it’s against Google’s rules to put a page with AdSense ads on it for rotation in a traffic exchange.

I personally have come across three persons who unwittingly did so and received a warning email from Google about something regarding invalid impressions which they can’t understand or figure out. So they carried on until they read what Stephen Ayer had to say. I reproduce it here for everybody’s benefit:

The Traffic Roundup Cattle Call
By Stephen Ayer
Howdy Pardner - Thanks for moseyin' by!
Adsense Revisited

We have covered this in the past, but we have so many new members since that time, and it is so important, that we want to go over it again.

One of the greatest things to ever happen to netpreneurs is the opportunity to earn a very healthy income by placing Google Adsense ads on their websites. This is so real, so big and so achievable that it would be a disaster for anyone who has an Adsense account to lose it due to violating their terms of service, whether by accident or intentionally.

It seems that anyone who really had a grasp on the long term Adsense income possibilities could not purposely break their TOS, but some do. This is not directed at them. This is meant for those who are rightfully excited about the chance to have fun and make money with Adsense, and may not have taken the time to read their terms, or maybe didn't understand them (sometimes it's very difficult to sort out 'legalese'.)


You can not put your page into rotation on a traffic exchange if it has Adsense on it. It breaks their Terms of Service and you will likely get your account closed and never re-opened.

You can not put your page into rotation on a traffic exchange if it has Adsense on it. It breaks their Terms of Service and you will likely get your account closed and never re-opened.

That's not a typo. It's there twice because you need to understand how serious this is. Read it again. All of us involved in the Adsense program want traffic to our sites, but this is not the way to get it to a site with Adsense on it.

If you want to use a traffic exchange to promote your site that has Adsense on it, build a splash page to attract visitors and make sure there are no Adsense ads on it.

It's not worth it. You probably won't even make the money you think you earned during the time you promoted that site on traffic exchanges because Adsense will likely give the money back to the advertisers and close your account.

We are not going to stop you from adding your site if it has Adsense, but we sure hope that you will heed this warning. Sure, there are other sites similar and you might make a little money from them if you lose your account, but there are few or none as good as Adsense.

When you consider there are a lot of people making around $10,000 a month or more with Adsense, you might want to get very protective of your account. By the way, that dollar amount is not hype like most of the junk you read from other businesses, we personally know and have been in the company of some of these folks. Please don't lose your Adsense account.

So there you are, straight from the heart of Stephen Ayer, a man of integrity who doesn’t want business if it hurts others.

Nevertheless, remember if you have AdSense on your site you can still use the traffic exchanges if you submit one page of your site without AdSense on it but with all the links to your other pages that have AdSense. Or you can build a splash page (with no AdSense on it) to attract visitors to your AdSense-filled site.

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