Friday, October 06, 2006

Google AdSense may soon be repackaged

Looks like AdSense ads in its present form just might soon be phased out eventually. There is recent news, since end of September 2006, that Google is currently running beta testing of Cost Per Action AdSense ads with a selected small group of people.

The inference is that after beta testing, Google may carry out a full international launch of CPA AdSense ads. This means that clicks on AdSense ads will not be paid. CPA AdSense ads publishers are paid only if an action is carried out by the visitor after the ad is clicked. The action can be a purchase or generating a sales lead. That is, either the visitor buys or he fills his details in a form.

The advertiser will have choice of paying for an outright sale or for getting a sales lead, depending on the nature of the business. He will also decide on how much to pay.

Thus, for the AdSense publisher, not every click will result in getting payment, but the payment would be many, many times more when a sale or a lead is generated after the click. This will be living up the Internet marketing food chain.

It will also solve the problem of click fraud which is presently costing advertisers 10 to 15 percent or more of the payments. Click fraud is an enormous nagging problem to Google.

A pertinent question is how will it affect the AdSense publishers? Will they earn more or less? The guess is that the advertisers will be more aggressive because they know that their budget results directly in sales or leads (which could very likely turn out to be sales). The risks are very much reduced and the advertisers can be expected to be very aggressive in bidding for AdWords. Thus, all in all, the AdSense publisher will stand a good chance of earning more, even with Google there taking a cut as middleman.

This CPA concept is not altogether new, however. So, if you can't wait for the new CPA AdSense to be implemented (if ever), then you can join the many CPA networks which offer a wide variety of goods and services paying very high commissions for sales and leads. Some of the CPA networks are Click Booth, Modern Click, and Azoogle. Thus we make a full circle and come back to the original concept of affiliate marketing.

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