Monday, September 17, 2007

Complement Microsoft Office with Google Apps

Everyone has been talking about Google’s latest software package, Google Apps, and whether it is competition to Microsoft Office.

David Utter, a WebProNews editor, writes in an article that whether you use Microsoft Office or not, Google apparently urges you to complement that desktop productivity suite with Google Aps which are web-based.

Large numbers of entry level staffers may switch to Google Aps because they need only basic functionality. Why support patches and updates for Office when Google will do all that work for you since the software is web hosted.

Google Aps offers the following: word processing, spreadsheets, email, calendar, IM/voice client, web page creation, all available from a centrally managed start page. All you need is the PC with Internet connection and a headset for Google Talk.

If the workers publish their documents through Google Docs & Spreadsheets, the documents can be managed from one place.

It is an alternative to installed, licensed desktop software. It is delivered over the Internet and do not require companies to install or maintain software locally.

However, there is an issue of the server or network going down while people are trying to work with Google Aps. Nevertheless, the question is, is the chance of a network or Google outage any greater than that of a PC problem?

In these times, all that a company needs is an Internet connection, and some time to sign up for and enable Google Aps. David Utter says this is an option firms should at least consider before writing that check for Office licences.

WebProNews talked with Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg to get his opinion on the issue. Find out what he had to say, here on WebProNews video.

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