Sunday, September 23, 2007

Advertisers keen for publicity at Blogsvertise

I have just joined another wonderful sponsored posts blogs advertising site called Blogsvertise. The advertisers there are keen to have bloggers blog about their websites, products and services and create a buzz in the blogosphere because they need the publicity for more business.

In return Blogsvertise pays the blogger using PayPal on a per blog entry basis for the mention and buzz that the blogger creates in the blog entry for the advertiser.

My good old friend Mark who introduced Blogsvertise to me says that the site seems to be paying reasonable payments for the blog entries and the entries need not be unduly long.

Members will be assigned tasks through the email. They will be given website URLs and guidelines on what to write about. They can review the site by praising it, or even complain about it, or somehow relate it to their daily life. However, one general requirement is that there should be at least three links in the post pointing to the advertiser's website.

Payments are automatically made to the blogger's PayPal account after his entry is approved and the payment period has elapsed.

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