Monday, January 15, 2007

Time to update to Adobe Reader 8

On the subject of software for Internet marketers, I would like to mention that it's time to update to Adobe Reader 8 if you haven't done so. This will be free from a security flaw that plagues versions 7 and earlier, as notified in one of the Adobe advisories. However, if your system is too old to update to version 8, Adobe says you should do a full install of the patched version 7.

Adobe says that the flaw let hackers use a technique known as cross-site scripting, in which they blend malicious JavaScript with a link to a PDF file on a Web site to hijack a user's computer.

The problem does not affect PDF documents themselves, and can only be used when someone attempts to retrieve a PDF document by clicking a malicious link, such as one a spammer might embed in unwanted e-mail.

There are no security issues with the actual PDF files but someone could possibly download a PDF, and then upload it to their server and put the nasty code in the link.

So to be on the safe side, don't open email attachments, or PDF files from strangers, or even from people you know, unless you were expecting something, as it's very easy to spoof an email address.

To avoid this, the easiest and safest thing to do, is to upgrade to the latest version, that is Acrobat Reader 8 or Acrobat Professional 8.

Here are the official Adobe Security Bulletins and Advisories:

You can update your Adobe Acrobat Reader here:

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