Saturday, April 11, 2009

Figuring out how to make money online

Are You Still Trying To Figure Out
How To Make Money Online?

Your search is over!

I know you have heard this over and over again. You have probably tried many things and ended up spending a lot of money on plans or programs that you just couldn't figure out or just plain don't work for most people.

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt...

My name is Dale Ng.

If you are willing to try one more time, I have to tell you, you will be pleasantly surprised. Margaret Allbright has put together a system that anyone with a computer can do. No prior experience is needed. The learning curve is so small you already know how to do it.

She was asked, by many people, to figure out some way for you to have an online business without creating and maintaining a website. For a lot of people there just isn't enough time in a day to take care of the job, the family, the house and still work on a website.

She knows exactly where you are coming from. She was in that same predicament for a long time.

So Margaret asked those people to tell her what they were looking for, ...details please...

This is what she got:

* An online business that didn't require that they have their own website
* No hosting or domain name needed
* No more work than about one hour each day
* No lengthy set up time
* Little or no start up costs
* No maintenance required
* No contacting anyone
* No trying to convince anyone to buy anything
* Nothing that has to involve friends or family participation
* Something that will produce an ongoing, residual income
* Something that will start producing results almost immediately
* Easy work that will not stress you out
* No confusing learning process

That is One Tall Order!

She didn't think this was possible. If it were, wouldn't someone already have it in place? With all the money making plans out there, surely someone smarter than her would have created such a program if it were possible.

Well she thought about it at great length. She tried many, many different ideas but all of them fell short in one respect or another. And then, finally... believe it or not, she figured it out. She actually created a system that fits all of the above. She surprised us all with this one. Lol!
This is so easy to do. If you can click a mouse, you can do it.

So, how am I going to convince you that she is for real and her system fits all the above criteria?

Click on the link below to find out the meat and bones of this system in Margaret Allbright's completely free guide.

P.S. 90% of the set up process is done for you and you do only the other 10%!!

Here's your Free Guide to MyInstantBiz

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