Thursday, December 06, 2007

Google's View of SEO's Future

At SES 2007 conference in Chicago (Dec. 3-7), WebProNews reporter Abby Prince has a very interesting conversation with Jim Muller, Tech Lead for Google universal search. Jim gives Google's view of SEO's future, and it still very much revolves around those links. That hints that the issue of paid links will still be pursued in the future.

He goes into details on the increased expansion of universal search to cover images, videos, news and almost anything on the Internet. He also explained the notion of blended search whereby Google gives out a blend of search results for a query.

Jim is a very well-educated and brilliant gentleman who joined Google in 2005. He is now Tech Lead on Google's universal search effort.

Prior to joining Google, he was a neuroscience researcher at Stanford. Before that he worked on computer vision algorithms at Sarnoff Labs, and at hardware and software startups.

Jim has a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester and a BS in Computer Science/Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon.

So, watch the interview with Jim - the Tech Lead in Google universal search.

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