Thursday, May 10, 2007

Microsoft upgrades Hotmail

This is a hot news item from San Francisco. Hotmail may be lagging behind but looks like things are changing. Microsoft on Monday, 7 May began a massive upgrade of its Hotmail email system, to match advances by competitors like Google and Yahoo.

The software giant said the upgrade represented the most signifcant improvements to Hotmail since it debuted in 1996 to become the pioneer of web-based email.

Log in to your Hotmail and you will be surprised. If you haven't got an account or have dropped yours, it's time you got a new one. It's a new Hotmail!

The new system allows Hotmail's 280 million users to easily sort their mail and enjoy enhanced security features. It also boasts an expanded storage capacity of 2 Gig and a built-in interface for mobile devices, right-click and drag-and-drop capabilities, preview pane customisation and auto-complete addressing.

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