Friday, April 27, 2007

Buddhists to celebrate Wesak Day on 1st May

Wesak Day is just around the corner and it’s time to pay homage to the Buddha. This year’s Wesak Day falls on 1st May 2007. It is a very auspicious day for us because on this Full Moon Day of May in the year 623 BC, the Buddha was born in his final birth as Prince Siddhartha Gotama. Thirty five years later, the Boddhisatta attained Full Enlightenment and became the Buddha also on the Full Moon Day of May.

Another 45 years later, the Buddha passed into Nibbana also on the Full Moon Day of May, that is on Wesak Day. Therefore Wesak Day is a thrice sacred day because of these three significant events happening on the Full Moon Day of May.

The Buddha taught us how to lead a good and happy life in a world full of suffering. It is because of the Buddha that Buddhists know the way to overcome pain, lamentation, grief, despair and other unsatisfactoriness of life. It is because of him that we know the way to Nibbana, the final liberation from suffering. Hence we are very grateful to the Buddha and we are very happy to observe this thrice sacred day of his birth, enlightenment and passing into Nibbana.

As we pay homage to the Buddha, we reflect on his great qualities: his full Enlightenment, his Great Compassion and Loving-Kindness, and his teachings on the cosmic law of Karma. A priceless heritage given to us by the Buddha is the system of meditation, or training of the mind for concentration, awareness, purity and goodness. Making the world a better place.

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