Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time Machine for Your Websites

Jeff Mulligan of CBMall pointed out to me an amazing site that can take one back in time. It is like a time machine as far as websites are concerned:

You can go to this site, enter any website URL and click "Take Me Back". It will then show you what that website looked like on a series of dates in the past, as way back as 1996.

It is a very useful tool which can be used in research to see in what direction your competitors are evolving. It can also be used to gauge the strength of progress of a potential partner.

I tried it with the URL of my seven-month-old blog but it was too new to have any matches. When I put in the URL of my 10-month-old website, , I discovered that prior to my acquiring the domain name, a certain company had been using the domain name for a business opportunity website before me for more than two years.

It is an amazing tool. According to the write-up, with this tool you can browse through 85 billion web pages archived from 1996 to several months ago. And it is a free service for all.

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