Monday, December 25, 2006

Blogkits for your blog this Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I would like to tell you some good news if you haven’t heard of it yet. Recently, on Monday Dec 11, a wonderful thing happened. was launched and it promises to be a great thing for the small blogger whose blog does not have so much traffic.

When you do not have much traffic, you won’t earn much with AdSense but it is said that you can earn much more by putting Blogkits ads which are Cost Per Action (CPA) ads. It’s the latest wonderful thing that is happening in blogosphere. Now there is a trend towards CPA in Internet marketing and this couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

Actually, BlogKits was created by Jim Kukral in early 2005 as a solution to help bloggers find new ways to earn a profit with their blogs.

BlogKits was acquired in 2006 by Forge Corporation, a global affiliate marketing firm, and has been transformed into a world-class affiliate marketing tracking network built for bloggers (affiliates) and advertisers. Bloggers, it will pay you to check it out .

I’ll let Jim Kukral do the talking:

BlogKits... In A Nutshell

Our business model is simple...
Help 99% of 50-70 million low-traffic bloggers make a few extra bucks by giving them easy to implement tools and partnerships that lets them keep blogging, instead of trying to be an expert marketer.

We're an alternative to things like Google Adsense. We believe that low-traffic blogs will never make more than a few pennies per day with Adsense, and argue that those bloggers are better served shooting for a CPA return on investment.

Please view our Google Adsense Blog Earnings Calculator Tool to see what we mean.

The More, Official Explanation...
BlogKits is the first, and only affiliate marketing network built for bloggers. It's an alternative monetization method for millions (99% of all blogs) of low-traffic bloggers who aren't expert marketers.

Why Is BlogKits Different Than Say A Normal Affiliate Network?
BlogKits ends the confusion, makes it simple & provides the best options that benefit the blogger. Here's how.

  1. When a blogger logs into a typical affiliate network, she sees thousands of programs to choose from. Once she selects a progam to promote, she then sees a large assortment of banners and text links. What does she choose? She's not an expert marketer. Which banner should she use? Where should she place it on here blog? Which product sells best?It shouldn't be so hard, BlogKits makes it easier...

  2. When a blogger logs into BlogKits, she has to complete two simple steps. The first is to choose which type/style of advertisement to use. Either a simple text ad, or an understated sidebar banner ad, both built specifically for bloggers.
The second step is for the blogger to decide what type of ads will fit best for her readers. For example: if she has a blog that is read mostly by small businesses, she would simply grab one pre-built piece of tracking code for that category, place it in her blog, and be done.

The BlogKits system will rotate the pre-selected ad units for the blogger. Each time a reader clicks and purchases, the blogger earns a % of that order.

Read the FAQ for more answers.
How can BlogKits help my blog?

  1. By adding an additional, non-competitive, revenue generator on your blog that can earn you more money

  2. By making your blogging efforts even more worthwhile

  3. By giving you an easy to implement method to make money from your blog through trusted merchants and brands

So, there you are. You have a blog and want an honest, easy & effective solution to earn a few bucks. Log in for a 1-minute free signup at and easily put the ad codes on your blog to get started straightaway.

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