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How To Get Started In Google Adsense

There are more than a dozen ways to earn substantial money on the Internet, the most popular being affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing is not as straightforward as simply promoting affiliate links on the Internet as it has to involve opt-in email lists and lots of persistence to succeed in any big way.

At the moment there is an easier way to make money on the Internet, that is by publishing Google AdSense on your website or websites. It is by far one of the easiest ways to make money on the Net.

What you do is just copy and paste some javascript codes given by Google onto your web pages and the contextual ads will appear. (You don’t have to know how to read or write javascript, you just copy and paste.) When website visitors click on the ads, you make money.

And the ads are very likely to be clicked because they are contextual, meaning that the Google crawler has sensed the content and given ads that are relevant to the content of the page. That’s why it is called AdSense and it works very well with content-rich web pages.

There’s no necessity to sell or crack your brains. It’s a no-brainer. Google does all the thinking for you. Apart from its simplicity, Google AdSense is a lucrative gold mine. There are many cases of people earning thousands of dollars a month by simply displaying the ads on their websites.

Of course, one has to drive traffic to the websites by the various means such as search engine optimization, links exchanging, classified ads or traffic exchanges. More visitors to your website means more clicks on the ads, which translates into more money to your account.

However, there are several things which have to be considered if you want to fine-tune your AdSense to gain maximum profit, such as choosing to use high-paying keywords and phrases in your content so that the expensive ads will appear. When the more expensive ads appear and are clicked on, you earn more money.

Other things to consider are making the color of the fonts blend with your web page because it has been found to invite more clicks, and placing the ads in positions that are convenient for people to click.

And you can read up all about the subtler points in free e-books on the Internet regarding Google AdSense secrets written by various gurus. As such, if you haven’t got a Google AdSense account yet, I suggest you get one as soon as possible and start raking in the money. Google paid out a total of one billion dollars to AdSense publishers in 2005.
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However, some of you may not have your own website. But not to worry, that’s no problem. You can still join in the fray fast to profit from AdSense.

That is because Google has a blogging service called which is completely free to join at . Here you can start a blog on whatever subject you can think of. After you have posted several paragraphs on the subject to create the blog, you can add a couple of related articles from the free article directories, but make sure you credit the authors and let the links remain live.

Then apply for an AdSense account by following the instructions at After a day or so, you will receive an email from Google telling you that your account has been approved. From then Google AdSense ads will be on your blog and the fun of making money begins.

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